Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ten Years Ago Today. . .

. . . I became a married woman!

It was August 19, 2000. It was hot. Over one hundred degrees. If you ask my mom, the temperature for that day rises every time she tells the story. (not unlike the number of hours she was in labor with me increases).

But I don't remember it being hot. I remember waking up at the crack of dawn to get ready for our 11:00 am wedding. We had a short engagement (3 months) and we took what we could get at Scofield. (Beautiful church. Great air-conditioning.)

I remember getting my hair done and then helping some of my friends and family with their hair. Everyone was so great and kind and supportive. I loved having everyone around me.

I remember my Dad being just a tad nervous. He doesn't do well in front of large groups of people. Kyle sang a beautiful song while I listened in the lobby.

I remember the doors opening and walking straight to Kyle. Dad and I held hands--not the formal hand-and-elbow escort pose. Everyone glanced at me and then turned quickly to Kyle. Because while its great to see a bride and her beautiful gown--it's the groom's face that is the sweetest part. But I did love that gown!

Todd Wagner performed the ceremony. So yes it was long and it was awesome. Now don't ask me to quote a lot of it but it was great. The music was perfect. The flowers beautiful.

We hurried back down the aisle. I remember waving to friends, family, friends of our family, lots of Texarkana folks who drove in, and lots of Young Life kids. (they are now adults!) My nieces ran up to Kyle and yelled, "Uncle Kyle!" for the first time.

We took pictures. I changed into white Keds decorated by my Grandmother with beads and lace. (yes-inspired by Father of the Bride). We headed to Northwood for the reception.

The praise team band was so fun. We danced to At Last! My cousins did a fun number to YMCA. Kids were dancing all over the place. The food was great--we ate some later on that day.

We toasted and then eventually we left--after we kicked our moms out of our limo!

It was such a fun day. Really with no hiccups. Except that the girl who did my hair was sick (didn't know it) and probably is the reason that on the last day of our honeymoon I had 102 fever and got strep throat for the first time! But really it went rather smoothly.

Thanks for a wonderful day mom and dad and everyone else who participated.

But that is just one day. Just a wedding.

Thank you Kyle for a wonderful, challenging, fun, crazy ten years of marriage.

I have learned so much from you. I have so much fun with you. Thank you for being patient with me.

Thanks babe.