Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to all

Here was our little Thanksgiving gathering. All 48 of us.

Here is the beautiful table with all the cousins (minus Nicole). I think we got to sit down all together for about 2.3 minutes. We are going for 5 minutes next time.

Here are the cousins again. Our more serious side.

The Thomas family pic. What up with Pops in black while the rest of us are in navy? He thought it was navy!

The Richardson family! We could not get everyone looking and smiling at the camera at the same time. I won't even mention the poor photography skills we had to deal with here. (hint: he wore black)

We were so lucky to have such great weather on Thanksgiving day. All the kids got to play outside a lot of Thursday.
We had such a good time. I love my cousins and their families. I love getting to see them as parents and watching their children grow and grow! My Mom is the best hostess ever--truly the Hostess with the Mostess. She did a great job in her "new" house. It all went so well. (Except that there were no sweet potato leftovers) Thanks Mom!

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Thanksgiving Moment

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. This is a great video short starring my youngest brother Blair and produced by my other brother Rob. All the kids are either my children or my nieces and nephews. They have grown so much since this video was shot 2 years ago. Enjoy!

I am so ahead of my time

I have been known to remember a few things in my life. Or remember almost everything. But several random things really stick out in my memory. I specifically remember certain outfits I wore throughout my childhood.

I remember the navy and white striped boat-necked knit shirt and matching capris I wore to the Monkey's concert in the 9th grade. To top off the cool outfit, I crimped my hair and wore some crazy makeup. It was 1986, I am sure it was pretty crazy.

I remember the first day of high school so well. I wore a mauve henley top with an acid washed denim skirt and brown belt. I had on strappy, Egyptian sandals (that's what I called them). More importantly, I met one of my best friend's from high school, Missy James, in Mrs. Williams Algebra II class.

I also remember an outfit from junior high school. You know those type of outfits that you are really excited to wear for the first time? This was that kind of outfit. I think I felt that way because it was a trendy outfit and I thought I would look cool (or more time-appropriate, I would look rad). What is really weird is that I went to a friend's house for a party or gathering in this outfit--they lived on Spring Branch. Fast forward 10 years, that could totally be Lainey!

See the shirt on the left? My shirt for the junior high party was similar but about 3 sizes larger and with sleeves. It was the 80's and everything was oversized! Plus, the shirt didn't have buttons--it had velcro closures!! So cool!
I wore it with black stirrup leggings. Like the ones pictured here. To finish off the look, I wore some Converse hi tops. I know, it is high fashion we are talking about.

My point is that all of that stuff (minus the velcro closures) is available at trendy stores now. Who knew I was so ahead of my time?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Just some stuff to whine about

Here are my thoughts today--in no particular order.

1. I hate vomit. I hate vomiting or cleaning vomit or smelling it or anything.
(Poor Bo has a little bug. Sorry if you are finding this out and you had some contact with Bo lately. We saw about 52 kids in the last few days so I just couldn't bring myself to notify everyone. On a different note, I just ran into an old YL girl and she has never ever in her whole life thrown up! Shut up!)

2. The parking garage at the Galleria near Banana, Gap and ON is one of Satan's tools to steal my joy. Ok. A bit overly dramatic but none the less, true. Who designed that thing? An Aggie? (or insert your favorite people group to make fun of--I don't really have one and I went to UT so I defaulted to Aggies) I went to the Galleria tonight with L & R. I needed to go to ON and I wanted to leave the house once today. They have no elevators, I literally had to carry the double stroller up 2 flights of stairs.

You may be wondering a few things right now. Why in the heck did I have a double stroller with my 5 yr old and 3 1/2 yr old? They said they wanted to ride and not walk so I accommodated them thinking that would help in the long lines at ON. It did help there. Not so much in the tiny Forever 21 where I strolled over several peoples' UGG's and pulled down a pair of $7 earrings.

3. I saw a 50 lb (or more) toddler girl at the mall. You know, Oprah or 48 hours or Dateline or someone just recently did a special on that problem. I didn't see it, just the preview for it. Let me tell you that seeing a 50 lb little girl drinking milk from a bottle is a little disturbing--on several levels. I have nothing more to say about that.

4. Speaking of disturbing. . . I am on the hunt for . . . wait for it. . . the hunt for skinny jeans. I never thought I would say that or then blog about it. There is something so wrong with me searching for skinny jeans. But I have a pair of boots that I think would look cute with jeans tucked in. I really don't want to spend more than $25 on these jeans. I am thinking that the denim quality you get when you spend so little on jeans is going to be awesome!

5. Let me be clear about something. I am all talk about a lot of things. Yes, I do Mommy Makeovers. No, I am not actually that fashionable. This is what I think I bring to the table in the fashion/beauty area--I am honest, I think I can tell what style, cut and silhouette looks best on women, and I can do hair pretty well.

If you see me on a daily basis, I don't always look put together. (that is slightly an understatement) I know how to put myself together but sometimes life and laziness get in my way. Yes, I still like to talk to other women about their style, fashion, hair and overall self-image. No, I don't think looking good is the goal. Yes, it is nice to know how to look your best and to feel attractive and not just be a good nose-wiper, snack-getter, whining-receiver, blog-checker, Sonic-drinker, book-reader, church-goer, etc. (you get my point).

I see the Mommy Makeovers as an opportunity to spend time with someone and figure out together what they feel great in. Also, figuring out how they can care for themselves well and honor their husband too. It is just a whole lot of fun. Yes, if you are interested let me know! No, you can't nominate someone else unless they want to be nominated.

Yes, I am going to mop my kitchen floor at 9:30 on a Saturday night. Wow, am I cool.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

What up with my lack of posting?

So I have really dropped the ball lately with the blog. Seriously, I often think of the blog throughout the day. When something crazy or silly or really disastrous happens, I often think of how to communicate it on the blog. My younger brother often thinks of his life experiences through the lens of a movie script--how it would make a great scene in a movie. Preferably starring Bruce Willis of course.

But somehow my thoughts throughout the day rarely make it to the blog. You know things get in the way--laundry, playing with kids, exercising, cleaning (sometimes), the mall, friends, sleeping, and did I mention laundry? I have 4 loads waiting for me right now!

Anyway, I am going to try to get a little better about posting. I mean I know all 4 of you will be happier if there are new posts to read when you blog hop around!

Wouldn't you agree that kids say the darnedest things?

Sunday night, Lainey and Kyle were driving past Mi Cocina when Kyle sang in a operatic, high-pitched voice, "Guess who ate there today?"

Lainey replied in the same operatic, high-pitched voice, "You did! That's why your breath stinks!"

Kids really know how to put you in your place.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Picture time!

Today we gathered all 11 Thomas grandchildren for a Christmas card picture for Nana! It takes a lot to get that picture that will go on her Christmas card! Picking out cute outfits, buying 11 different outfits with accessories, exchanging for the right sizes and then finding a date where all 4 families can get together for a photo session. Of course, trying to get 11 kids to smile at the same time is quite a feat!

I didn't have the official camera so I think Rob's photos probably came out a little better than mine. But I just wanted to give my readers a sneak peak of the pic. Don't worry Mom, I don't think any of your friends are blogging these days--the pic will still be a surprise to them!

Rhody and Sam are definitely the biggest laughers in the group. Rob was doing all sorts of stuff to get the littles to smile but not a lot of luck! R & S thought every single funny face and random animal sound was the most hysterical thing they had ever heard.

Lainey and Charly with their matching outfits. They always love matching and getting to color together. We took Charly with us to Fudd's with Nana and Pops and the Cullers family. Then Pops took Charly and Rhody to Cobb's soccer game. Rhody and Charly had a great time together at the game. Thanks Pops!

One of the most entertaining parts of these photo sessions are the adults not the kids. Here were are trying to help Rob get the perfect picture while attempting to get the kids to smile. It's always a bit of a circus! So much fun! We love you Nana & Pops!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I just played in my last soccer game of the season. I was a mid-season replacement for the Ruffians--the Mighty Ruffians to be exact.

Cynthia "tia" Culver recruited me for the team. I have to admit that I was hesitant to ask Kyle about playing on the team about two weeks after completing the triathlon. He had already done so much for our family during training this summer but I asked anyway. Of course, he agreed. He did ask why I wanted to play.

I used to play soccer. I mean 18 years ago I played soccer. I always loved soccer--except for the 7th grade when I quit for a season because I thought my social life was hampered by my excessive amount of soccer playing. I took it back up in the 8th grade due to a lack of social life not caused by soccer.

Anyway, I have wanted to play for the last several years but have either been pregnant or had a newborn. I wanted to play with my friend Anne because she also played soccer as a kid and it's always fun to play with Anne! But she is pregnant--so she was out.

So I only got to play in four games. One of the games I got injured within the first 10 minutes and sat out the rest of the game. My 36 year old body just does not move like my 18 year old body. My mind still thinks it should but I just can't get there as fast as I think I should be able to!

All that to say, I had such a great time. I remembered why I loved playing soccer for all of those years. I really enjoyed meeting all the women on my team! I got to spend time with Tia. And of course, we won all of our games--that is fun too. I did score one goal!

Thanks Tia for inviting me to the team.

I know, we look hot!

Monday, November 3, 2008

1986 is calling. . .

On Saturday, I was able to use a skill that I learned in the 8th grade.

No, it wasn't anything that I learned in Mrs. Ballard's Algebra I class--I am waiting to use the "cleaning an entire overhead with your own spit and fingers" one day. It also wasn't anything that involved taking broken wings and learning to fly again-learn to live so free.

It was a simple fashion skill that I acquired from Tyler Goldberg. Nobody could tight-roll their jeans better than Tyler. He is an orthopedic doctor now--maybe the tight-rolled jeans in junior high set his course for success. (It also could be that his dad was an orthopedic doctor as well).

He could get those acid-washed jeans tight and rolled that they would never fall down. He did that of course, to properly display his pastel colored Zodiac shoes. For my younger audience, you may not be as familiar with Zodiacs. They were like a cross between a moccasin and a loafer--sort of. They started making them in multiple colors--I mean one shoe had multiple colors. It was the 80s--the more color, the better.

Back to my point. I was able to take what I learned in the 8th grade and apply it to today. I had on flowy yoga type pants today. Not a good mix with a day of cleaning floors and kitchens and bathrooms. I thought, "Why change pants when I can adjust the ones I have to work for me?" And so I did.

I tight-rolled those black yoga pants really well. They never fell down. They sort of looked like knickers or Hammer pants but it worked. This same skill would have been helpful on Thursday night. (Please see blog post about my glamorous life for details). In the chaos that ensued after the "poop issue" I had on those same flowy pants. I was freaking out about whether or not my wide-legged pants would inadvertently swipe the poop, so I just took them off and cleaned the carpet with just my scivies. Not a pretty picture--for all sorts of reasons.

Just thinking I could have used that tight roll on Thursday night.

If you learned a valuable life lesson in the 8th grade, please feel free to share it with us!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Fun

Here is a re-cap of our day with pictures.

It is a slight miracle that Rhody got into his costume. He is a baseball player (on steroids). Below you will see him playing a catcher. That is as close to a mask as he will get. But he went to the kindergarten parade and did great!

Bo and Mary Elizabeth waiting for their big sisters. Bo was Superman. It was a little too small for him but he loved it! He ran around with him arms in the air like he was flying.

Lainey during the kindergarten parade of costumes. She got to wear Lily B.'s cute Lady Bug costume for school. Lainey said she got nervous right before they walked out but then had a really good time!
Fancy Nancy, Police Officer Rex and Lainey. They sang songs and recited a pumpkin poem. All the kids looked adorable.

Later that day, we went to Mom's for hot dogs and pictures before trick or treating. Here is a picture of the new dining room! Isn't is awesome? All the kids sat together at the table to eat and giggle at each other. We love the new kitchen and dining room!

All the cousins that could make it to Nana's house. Rob's kids, Will's kids, Deni's kids and mine. Actually, Catie wasn't there because she was doing a college visit to A&M. Yes, I said college visit. My baby niece is a junior in high school!
We then went back to our neighborhood for trick or treating. Our first stop--Mrs. Barnes house. How great that Lainey's teacher invited all the kids to come by for candy. Lainey would not have missed it. We ran into one of Lainey's classmates, Reese--Hannah Montana!

Happy Halloween! The Bindra Girls and The Richardson kids! If you are wondering what Lainey is dressed like, she decided she wanted to be a bridesmaid. She specifically told me that she did not want to be a bride, the one in white, she wanted to be one of her friends at the wedding--the one in blue. There you have it. At least I know how to do bridesmaid's hair!
Lily and Lainey are getting so big! Pretty girls.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mommy Makeover #2

Welcome to the Second Ever Mommy Makeover!

Once again, I had such a good time. Shopping, hair, make up, visiting with friends--how could it not be fun?

The next Makeover client is . . . .(drum roll please). . . Sunny Carroum!

Sunny lives in my neighborhood and we have kids in the same preschool. She has two beautiful twin girls that are friends with Lily Bindra. I really got to know Sunny a little better at the gym. We would work out and visit--my favorite. We have a lot of common interests: American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, and other fine television shows like that. It was fun to spend more time with Sunny for the makeover!

Sunny Before
Why did you want to do a Mommy Makeover? Since being a mom I have found myself comfortable with the minimalist of fashion, and I wanted to put some kick into my wardrobe. Plus, I'm a little compulsive of a shopper and just buy off the cuff, not thinking of the overall picture and if the thing really fits my style or my wardrobe.

Sunny was great about the makeover. She said she was up for anything--specifically concerning her hair. She has great hair. It is thick, healthy and has a lot of body. We did some highlights with some copper pieces. It adds movement and some interest.

She took several inches off and added some layering. The stylist also did some texturizing to it--that helps with all the volume. Sunny doesn't really have what people might call wash-n-go hair--I don't know many people who do. (If you are wondering if you do, the answer is probably no. However, that doesn't mean that we don't actually wash-n-go anyway!) Her hair definitely looks best with some products and a good blow-dry! She also invested in a straightening iron and velcro rollers. So when she goes to bank functions or on a date with her husband, she has some new tools to help get pretty!

Sunny's beautiful hair! After.

Sunny was also great with shopping. She was up for trying on anything to find what styles and colors fit her best. She then went to Chicago the next week and did some more shopping with some of the tips and techniques we learned. She got some great stuff!

Below Sunny is wearing a top she got from Forever 21 (right?). It is flowy and fun--that is what Sunny likes. You should definitely buy things you really like. If you are drawn to the flowy, ethnic look--pair it with something more simple and structured. Like a dark pair of jeans and cute flats--as Sunny did! Now that it is getting cooler, a great thing to add to any wardrobe is a fitted, structured jacket. They are all over the place right now! Check out these jackets.

We went to Target to get Sunny some makeup. She has great skin and just needs some good powder for foundation. We updated her tired ole' makeup bag with some new products! We spent very little to help give her a new fresh look with more updated color palette.

What are a few new things you learned or will incorporate into your beauty regimen? I really should buy in outfits and bring a friend for reference. Also I learned it's worth spending time & money on a hair cut and color, for that will help you look better everyday no matter how much (or less) you fix your hair.

Sunny needed some new shoes. She likes to keep it simple--flip flops, running shoes and a few others. I think we all need some cute flats that look good with jeans. Sunny got these at Target. I think she did a great job. Target has a lot of great shoes right now. Check these out.

Here is Sunny and her precious girls. They have been so sweet about Mommy's new hair and makeup. They think she looks beautiful!
More bits of info from Sunny.

Favorite TV show of all times? The Office (NBC) & The Wire (HBO)

Books you would recommend to others. I'm a big reader, so....My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picult; Amazing Grace by Johnathan Kozel; The Other Boleyn Sister by Phillipa Gregory; and The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls.

I have to admit I haven't read a single one of these books! I am not much of a reader--unless you count magazines and I can barely get through some of those.

Sunny, it was a privilege to get to spend time with you. You were tough and fun and let me tell you my real thoughts about some of your clothes and makeup. It was fun. I hope you got some info that will help you. And most importantly, that you feel just a little bit better and more confident about yourself and have some clothes to wear when you go out!