Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Day in the Life of Us

A few days ago, Jenny sent me an old post from the blog--it was July 29, 2008. It had some snapshots of the kids. They have grown so much! Go check it out here.

I thought it would be fun to do the same thing on the same day 2 years later!

I tried to document today with my iPhone and my decent camera.

The day started early for me. We had a 5:45 am bike ride at the lake. It is way early but look at that sunrise! I love riding with friends.

I came home from the ride to find Kyle and Hank awake but that's it. We finally had to wake the big boys at 8:00 for VBS. But once Bo got up--we got a visit from Underwear Head Man!

We got a surprise 'pop in' from our some of our favorite friends--the Bindras! We were watching a few minutes of some random cartoon. The only way I can get their attention is to hold the remote hostage until they smile at me. Now that is some good parenting.

I am also the Bindra's unofficial family photographer. Here is a cute one of all the girls!

All of this week, my parents have taken my 3 big kids to VBS at their church. My parents have stayed and volunteered in their classes. They have had a great time. And it has been fun to have some time with Hank this week. Mom couldn't go this morning so Poppy took all the kids by himself!
As they were leaving for VBS, the kids saw my camera and posed for some individual shots. Such hams.

I ran an errand while the kids were in VBS and then picked up a Sonic drink for me and Allison. Yes, I took a picture of myself with my iPhone. I am cool. I thought it might be the only picture of me today. Gotta love Sonic drinks!!!
No, this is not a daycare at my house. These are some of our cousins. Well, technically these are my 1st cousin's kids. What does that make our kids? I can never get that right. 2nd cousins? 1st cousins once removed?

But the fun thing is that my cousin Will married a friend of mine Allison! She is so great and so are their kiddos. Of course, they got dressed to put on a show. Now that I think about it, we never really got a show. But just like high school, getting ready for the dance is way more fun than the actual dance!

After rest time, our cousins Sam and Jack came over. They actually walked over! How great is it that we have cousins that close by. My kids adore them. They have spent time this week planning a sleep over with Sam and Jack. Should be fun! I don't know where Sam disappeared to for this pic. But the boys love to play race cars on the hardwoods.

Hank spent some time in his high chair while I got dinner ready. Yes, he is eating a bat and a football and some sort of spreader from the kitchen.

Dinner with the family. We had chicken pockets, rice and green beans. It was good and the kids ate it pretty well--that's always great! Hank ate more than anyone! Please note our beautiful everyday china. That would be disposable dinnerware!
Silly boys at dinner.
We like to always have serious family dinners.

Just love Hank's curls after his bath. And just for the record--all the kids got baths tonight. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen as much as it should! Just being honest.
Now the kids are all in bed. I am on the sofa with my laptop sitting next to Kyle watching So You Think You Can Dance and eating a delicious chocolate cupcake (thanks jenny). Couldn't end any better. I love my life.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sorry Hank

When all of our older kids were 9 months old we took them to get professional pictures made. They were mainly black and white photos and I always got one shot with me in it.

I found a good photographer --she happened to live in Murphy (about 30-40 minutes). Not a big deal with one baby. A little more tricky with each child. And those pictures are expensive! Not a big deal with one baby. But it gets a little more difficult to spend that kind of money on pictures. I am buying school clothes, new tennis shoes, etc.

I suggested to our photographer that maybe we get some sort of 4-time discount this time. She didn't really go for it.

So I thought I might try to take some myself. It went ok. I need to do it again with some better lighting. (It would be totally ok with me if Uncle Rob wants to take a few pics with his super awesome camera!)

Sorry Hank. You aren't getting your own photo shoot. You wear pj's with holes in the feet. You are still in an infant carrier at almost 23 pounds. You don't have any sort of schedule. You don't have a baby book--unless you count this blog as your baby book.

But we all adore you. You make everyone smile in our family. We love to watch you clap--just moving your right hand. Every sound you make--we claim as our own name! You are starting to be a little shy with strangers but light up when your siblings walk in. Your hair is precious! Blonde and curly.

Here is our sweet Hank.

We love you so much. I can't hug and kiss you enough!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

When Do You Know It's Time for a Haircut?

And who says I'm not "deep?"

Occasionally people ask me when (or how often) they should get a haircut.

Actually, I don't get asked that much but I came up with a helpful check list anyway. Let's be honest, sometimes you might need a new style, a new color or just a fresh cut and who is going to tell you that? Other than your mother.

File this away somewhere.

If you answer yes to any or all of the above, go get your hair done.

1. You can't remember the last time you got a haircut.

2. The ends of your hair resemble straw or hay.

3. People ask you if you are about to donate your hair to Locks of Love--and you hadn't even thought about it.

4. It's time for a whole new style if your hairstyle also has a name. (i.e. The Dorothy Hamil, the Farrah, the Meg Ryan, the Rachel).

5. You use the word "frosted" when referring to your hair and not a display window during the holidays.

6. You wear a pony tail everyday. Or almost everyday.

7. You actually try to fix your hair, and it still doesn't look good. (This is especially how I know I need a cut!)

8. You look at an old photo--like an engagement photo--and your hair is exactly the same.

9. Seriously, read #6--that probably applies to you.

10. Your mother told you so.

Have a great (hair) day!