Thursday, April 30, 2009

Getting Ready

I was just thinking how things change. Not really how they stay the same.

I have a wedding this weekend that my whole family is involved in. We are all so thrilled. 

So I have been thinking through all the details of the weekend. What to wear, things we need, child care, etc.

Now go back about 20 years. What was it like to plan for a big weekend? A dance at school. Or a big date? I don't know--what did we do 20 years ago?

Here is my check list from 20 years ago:

-While watching Growing Pains, get out my laptop--scratch that--get out my notebook paper and Bic pen and brainstorm possible outfits and accessory needs

-Visit Northpark or Richardson Square Mall or hopefully the Galleria, see what is new at The Limited Express, Esprit store, what Guess jeans look cute, what over-sized, shoulder-pad filled blouse would look cute with those jeans

-Go to Accessory Lady and get gaudy-over-sized earrings that match outfit perfectly. Possibly get matching Keds. Or if outfit needs flats, get Hanes white or buff hose.

-Go to Tom Thumb and get new eye shadow--hopefully in fun shades of fuchsia, turquoise, and gold. Make sure to get eye brow brush to make eye brows look as big and bushy as possible. Thank you brooke shields.

-Make sure home supply of Aussie Scrunch spray and Stiff Stuff is adequate. Give myself enough time to curl all my hair in hot sticks or a spiral curling iron. And enough time to tease and place large bow in hair. (at sixteen years old--not six)

-Hope that my date is just like Jake Ryan and we end up driving off in a Porsche and kissing over a cake. 

A girl can dream.

Here is glimpse into similar list--just 20 years later.

-Make sure children have outfits and accessories for wedding. Buy numerous pairs of shoes for each child that don't work and then have to return them. Spend more time on them then on me for sure. 

-Buy first dress that accommodates house party guidelines and that makes me look pregnant and not just overweight. Hope that I already own accessories that will look decent with said dress. Send out some emails to friends if nothing works--looking for options. Drive in mini-van to pick up options. Pray that something works.

-Hope that I have enough shampoo and soap and a new razor to get at least one decent shower in the big wedding weekend. Two showers would be bonus.

-Buy and apply Root touch up in Golden brown to cover up the premature gray hair that is obviously unacceptable and easily correctable. Plug in straightening iron. Apply straightening balm and take as much volume out of my hair as possible. 

-Praise God that the bridesmaid brunch includes a pedicure. Between buying a house and selling a house (which equals two mortgages) I can't go splurge on a a non-necessity. Of course, I believe I read once that the accessory of the season is a decent pedicure. 

-Groom eye-brows. Remove all unwanted facial hair. (did it even exist 20 years ago?)

-Purchase maternity Spanks but doubtful they will be worn.

I am exhausted now. I am thinking of other things that must be done. Including eating and cleaning the house.

We can't wait Eleanor and Peter!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Can you say "High Main-ten-ance?"

I can say it. High Maintenance. 

It is so me right now. 

That's all I have to say about that.

Another funny thing happened. Not that me being high-maintenance is funny--just ask Kyle. Anyway.

When I was about 8 weeks pregnant, I found out that one of my former Young Life kids is also pregnant and due on the same day! Crazy! And fun. She even lives really close to me.

It is her first and my fourth. She is about 9 or 10 years younger than me. And did I mention that it is Annie Housholder Houser? Yeah. She is a wonderful girl that happens to be the most fit and athletic girl I know. But more importantly, she is a very kind and compassionate and loyal friend who happens to have single digit body fat. That last part is not important--just impressive.

When I told Anne B. (another Young Life leader) that Annie and I were due on the same day, Anne responded with her usual compassion and gentleness--"Boy am I glad that I am not pregnant at the same time as Annie!" (while laughing hysterically). 

Jump to this week. I am about 15 1/2 weeks pregnant. Remember, I am still on modified bed rest. No exercise, no nothing for over a couple weeks now. Plus, I think I might be eating to comfort myself or out of boredom or just because I love food--maybe all. Doesn't being pregnant mean you have a green light? I thought so.

Jenny told me she saw Annie yesterday. She could barely finish the sentence without laughing. I knew what that meant. Jenny didn't remember that Annie and I are due at the exact same time. Annie reminded her. I am assuming that maybe Jenny's inability to hold back her laughter might have happened at that moment as well. 

Annie started to defend me a little bit. She sweetly said, "But it's her fourth and my first!"

That's real sweet Annie. Wearing a tank top and running shorts and looking not pregnant AT ALL! Precious.

I literally look about 5-6 months pregnant. I'm at that awkward-don't-look-good-in-anything stage. I never have had that cute little basketball belly--in any pregnancy. Not planning on it with this one. 

So Annie if you need to borrow any of my first trimester clothes for your last trimester, just let me know!  :)

I was just thinking the other day that it is almost exactly a year ago that I decided to sign up and train for the triathlon. Wow. What a difference a year makes. I can't even walk up the street right now. 

Don't get me wrong. We are thrilled to have this baby! We are great with the bed rest and hope and pray that it will help keep the baby safe! We wouldn't change it for anything. 

I am just saying, "Wow!" What a difference a year makes. I am hoping to be training again at this time next year. 

PS. We still need to sell our house! Pass it on to friends.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hello, my friends, Hello.

Isn't that the title of a Neil Diamond song or John Denver or some other classic singer?

I am sitting here on the sofa (my regular place as of late) watching Idol. Just watched Biggest Loser. Oh wait, Paula is crying over Adam--that's a shocker. He sort of creeps me out a little bit. He wears more makeup than I do. He does look like Elvis. I am not sure what team he is on. Did I mention he sort of creeps me out?

I like Danny. Brother can sing. Lil' is going home. 

So a few things have been going on since . . . since I last posted I guess.

I am now a little over 14 weeks pregnant. I was put on modified bed rest last week. I have a placental tear (sorry for the male audience that just tuned out). We are praying for a full recovery! Hopefully, in about 4-6 weeks the tear will heal. 

But it means I can't lift children, lift anything, go to the mall, or the grocery store, stand for any amount of time. 

My family and amazing friends have come to the rescue for sure! Kelly G. even rocked Bo to sleep and put him in his crib today. Bo is loving all of this right now! I miss picking him up for sure. 

Kyle has had to pick up sooo much slack. Did I mention that our house is on the market? That means keeping a clean house--with three kids, with a handicapped wife, with a real job! Thank you babe.

So it's not like I haven't had time to blog. I have spent some time sitting. Often thinking of things I could blog about. Like the annoying fact that all the design shows on HGTV have to put a "green" spin on all designs now. One would know that after watching 4 1/2 hours straight of HGTV on a Saturday when one was down for the count with a stomach bug. (not even on modified bed rest then!) 

Or wondering if I could actually feel my behind growing at the lack of movement coupled with the continuous eating that was (is) going on.

Reading InStyle and actually dog-earring pages that I can't afford, can't wear (the whole pregnant thing) and actually can't even go shopping to even look at. What kind of person am I?

I did get a facial last week. It was awesome. After a hard week, it was a nice time to relax. Except for the fact that I was horrified that someone was looking through a magnifying glass and bright lights at my horrible skin. What has happened? I don't feel any different than I did 15 years ago. But I look different! I have some unexplainable creases, dry spots and something I can't pronounce that basically means build up of extra skin. The good news is that they can easily be removed with some sort of quick in-office procedure. Of course, you can't do such a procedure while pregnant or nursing. Great. I told sweet girl working on my nasty face that I would see her in a YEAR! Oh well. 

Ok. My battery on my computer ran out and I am standing up to finish this. My husband is about to come in here and regulate! 

Sorry for the randomness (is that even a word?)!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Creative Friend

I have to brag on Jenny for her baking prowess. (Is that how you spell it, jenny?)

She made some adorable Chick Cake Pops. Not to be confused with the not-so-tasty name Chicken Pops!

She got the idea from Bakerella. You can go to her blog and learn how to do this and many other things. I visit the blog often but have never attempted anything.

But Jenny did and it looks great. And tastes delish as well.

Here it is in Jenny's words:

Here's what the batter and balls look like!

In the freezer

Good help is hard to find...unless, of course, frosting is involved!

Isn't he cute? I'm not gonna lie- birthing this little guy was almost as difficult as birthing my own children! But it was all worth it! One down, 39 to go! :)

The final product...

Here is my 2nd attempt...with a little chocolate thrown in for Amby!
Aren't they adorable? I had the chocolate one. Very good. Way to go Jenny!