Monday, September 28, 2009

Finally Soccer!

After two weeks of constant rain and cancelled practices and games, Lainey and Rhody had their first soccer games. It was an unusually hot late-September Saturday! Sam and Rhody are getting to play on the same team this fall. Rhody is thrilled to play--game, practice, all of it.

He immediately spilled all of his red Gatorade on his jersey following the game. Explains the no shirt! And I used half a bottle of Shout to get it out.

The adoring fans!
Cute sweaty Rhody after the game. He was just looking at this asking why his hair was all over the place! Good question.

Gobby and Diddy Daddy came in town and got to see some of the soccer games. Rhody was the photographer here!

Here is the only shot of Lainey that I have! My battery ran out. This game was a little more stressful for Lainey. They are playing real positions this year and she had no idea what to do. That is not a place Lainey is comfortable being! Good news is they had a game the next day and she felt a lot better about playing!

Our loudest, sweatiest fan out there! He can't wait to play.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Less than 2 weeks.

Less than 2 weeks.

I have said it multiple times just in the last few days. To friends, strangers, family, and more strangers.

I have a rather large belly that draws lots of attention.

Men that say, "You look like you are about to burst!" (and that was 3 weeks ago). And "You got 4 kids in there?" (that was from a friend--no hurt feelings here!).

Women that empathetically say, "You look great!" And "You totally don't look like you are that close to delivering."

Either being empathetic or lying. Fine with me either way.

Most people questioning whether or not I will actually make it to my c-section date. Heck if I know. I just really don't want my water to break in church. Or Albertson's. Those are the things of my nightmares.

So I am trying to figure out what I can wear to church that fits and maybe is "slimming." Is that an oxymoron for a 9 month pregnant girl?

I am thinking I might do an over-the-top hairstyle and possibly garish makeup. Anything to draw attention away from my belly.

Or I might tape a sign to my shirt that says "Less than two weeks!"

Or just waddle on into church.

Have a few moments to worship God. Thank him for baby Hank. Praise Him for the children I already have.

Then get up and go to the bathroom (again) and put my feet up so that I might still have ankles.

Monday, September 21, 2009

In a little while.

I will be back to post soon. I have been playing with a camera and photoshop and looking at blogs. And being 9 months pregnant, and cranky and impatient, and down right hard to live with. And trying to finish lots of projects around the house. And growing out of every single maternity piece I have. And praising God for black, stretch, yoga maternity pants.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rhody, Rhody, Rhody. . .

I did a post about Bo and his birthday and Lainey and her first day of school so it only seems natural to post about my middle child today. Good thing he has given me a lot of material lately. And when I say lately, I mean in the last 24 hours. Precious child.

We are all adjusting to our new school schedule. Everyone is getting up earlier. We are going down for naps or "room time" earlier. We are eating our gourmet dinner a little earlier. (part of that one is true). And we are going to bed earlier. Get what I mean?

Rhody still takes a nap sometimes and has room time sometimes--depending on how tired he is. Yesterday, he woke up so early that I just knew he needed a nap. I sent him up to his room and told him an exact time (i.e. 3:34) that he could come down. He is a little new to this "reading the clock" thing. This summer Lainey told him what time it was and when it was time to come downstairs.

I remember thinking yesterday afternoon that I was surprised that he wasn't sleeping during his room time. I could hear him walking around a bit. But then I started reading, talking on the phone, watching the food network. I am such a multi-tasker! :) I wasn't paying attention.

Realizing that it was after the appointed time, I went upstairs to tell Rhody he could come down and as a treat could watch the Ranger game tivoed from the night before.

This is what I saw when I rounded the corner of the stairs.

He fell asleep on the stairs. Seriously. The front door was wide open in front of him. The tv was on. I was talking on the phone. None of that bothered him. I am not sure exactly how this happened because he doesn't know either. 

Grab another nomination form for mom of the year and put my name on it!

I did wake him up because I was a little afraid he might wake up and roll down the stairs. Not a fun way to wake up from a cat nap.


Today we went to the mall with Jenny and the girls plus a friend. I realized AFTER this trip that maybe I shouldn't take the boys to the mall in my current pregnant state without a stroller or some other straight jacket contraption for Bo. 

I can't chase him. And he doesn't obey. Not a good combination. 

I don't know why he doesn't obey. I seriously have questioned myself (ourselves), "Did we forget that chapter of parenting with him?" 

But this post is about Rhody so I digress.

Rhody wasn't much better at the mall but doesn't run with lightning speed away from me.

On the way home, Rhody mentions that he has gum in his hair. 

Because that is what I was hoping to do when I got home with these two awful and precious little boys. Figure out how to get gum out of his hair.

I did google it to see if there was some new awesome way of combining olive oil and mayo plus flax seed to get gum out of hair with ease and comfort. No such thing exists. 

I got the peanut butter out. Here is Rhody with the gum--coated in peanut butter.
After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, we got both the peanut butter and the gum out. He got in the shower to get the smell out of his hair. I think it is all gone.
I could go on and on but I need to put my feet up and I think I might be getting carpel tunnel syndrome. I actually don't even know how to spell that!