Friday, July 31, 2009

Confessions of a Mom (that happens to be really pregnant)

I have so many random thoughts. Perfect. I have a blog. 

Maybe I can spare my husband precious moments of his life by sharing my randomness with you instead of with him. 

When I say randomness, I mean nothing is related to one another except that it all effects me. (effects or affects? I never learned that one well)

So I am pregnant. Pretty pregnant. Probably more pregnant looking than actual gestation time elapsed. I am 29 or 30 weeks. Somewhere around there. I look a little farther along.

That must explain why at the wedding we went to two weeks ago a lady said, "Now when is your due date?"

I say hesitantly, "October."

She replies, "No! Are you sure?"

I am sure.

More from lady, "It has to be sooner! Or there must be twins in there!"

Exactly how does one respond to that? 

Giggle a lot and walk away and go eat something chocolaty.

That leads me to my next point. 

My doctor lowered the hammer last week. She said I had gained too much weight during this last 4 week period and it has to stop! 

I was shocked. I hadn't noticed the scale at all. I have never been told that before in the other pregnancies. And I was even more petrified because my little enforcer daughter was listening in to the whole thing!

I will spare you all the details, but she said that I should start exercising more and eating all delicious foods less. Specifically no desserts. At least, that was the main thing Lainey heard. I quickly reminded Lainey that mommy's birthday was coming up and that birthdays are an exception. Whew!

The next morning was donut day. I hope I have properly expressed my love for donuts on this blog. Because I do love a warm glazed donut. Always have. Always will.

Kyle went to go get donuts. While he was gone, Lainey came up to me with a glimmer in her eye and said enthusiastically, "Mommy, the donuts won't cost as much today because we aren't getting any for you."

Since when did Lainey care about the financial status of this family?

Pregnancy does weird things to bodies. Different for different people. Let me be clear. I love having babies. I don't just love being pregnant. 

One weird thing that happens to me during pregnancies--with boys only. The hair on my legs stops growing. Weird, huh? I can go weeks without shaving. And I have. 

I just wanted to tell you that. I am not sure why. I have to try to focus on the positive sometimes. I can feel the swelling beginning, I have some pinched nerves, I have a plethora of unwanted facial hair, I can't buckle my strappy sandals very comfortably, I am not sleeping well, I can't eat desserts so gosh darn it--I am excited that I don't have hairy legs. 

Potty training. 

We are doing it over here. Bo has to be trained before school starts in a month. No time like the present!

It is actually going ok. We have had a lot of successes and not many accidents.

Potty training my boys has been so hysterical. They are definitely different than their sister. 

Lainey learned how to tinkle on the potty. She learned how to poop on the potty. Nothing too exciting or newsworthy about the whole thing. It involved princess panties and M&M's--that's about it.

A little different for the boys. They are proud of their poop. And want to share their victory with all around.

Bo went a "big poop" yesterday morning around 9:00. We all cheered. He immediately said, "I'm gonna tell Daddy about my big poop when he gets home from work!"

I encouraged that.

Then he said adamantly, "Don't flush it Mommy! Don't flush it! Daddy see it after work."

I don't think so. Not at 9:00 am. We are flushing. What kind of mom do you think I am?

The kind that got my iPhone and took a picture and emailed it to Daddy to make my precious boy happy. I know--sick.

Well, that's a wrap. I have more random things but I need to put my ankles up before they swell to the size of grapefruits. Another great image.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Family Ranger Game Night

We all headed out to Arlington to see the Rangers vs. the Red Sox this week. It was actually not that hot--even in July! Some Ranger games on Wednesday are half-price--we jumped on that! 

We all had a great time. It was Bo's first game ever. Rhody told him that several times on the way there. "Bo! This will be your first Ranger game at the ball park!" Rhody said multiple times. Then when Rhody repeated it one last time as we were walking up to the ballpark, Bo said, "You are already told me that Rhody!" 

Rhody was ready for any foul ball.

Rhody loved every part of it. The atmosphere, the fans, the loud music, all the players and the stats. It is fun to experience it with him.

Lainey didn't want to leave the game. She can name most of the players and their positions on the Rangers because Rhody talks about it so much. I wouldn't say she is some huge baseball fan like Rhody but she will watch it with him and will talk to him about it--a little. 

Like Father like Son. Look at these two! 

Just wanted to prove that I was actually at the game. 

Bo was unusually calm and quiet during the whole game. He was soaking up the whole experience. When we were leaving 2 1/2 hours later, he said, "My favorite part was the Mascot. And the (he made loud sounds and moved his hands up and down) ?" I answered, "Fireworks?" He said enthusiastically, "Yea! Fireworks! That was cool. That was awesome.

It is a little strange to hear that little boy say awesome. And use it correctly. 

Our Ranger fans. Rhody making his duck face. I can never get them all looking and smiling!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kids Say What?

Just to continue on the post that I did a few weeks ago. . . 

I want to document and share a few things my kids have said lately. Now that I think about it, all of these comments are directed to me or about me. 

Seriously, you have to have a good self-image to have children. Or they will rip you to shreds. And we haven't even hit the teenage years when I imagine the real mean things come out of their mouths. Looking forward to it.

From my oldest and only girl. I walked into her room to say good night and she said, "Mom, why are you wearing that awful shirt?"

To be honest, she was right. The shirt is pretty bad.

She then said, "Didn't you have that shirt when you were pregnant with Rhody?" (meaning that shirt is so 2004 Mom!)  I did have the shirt when I was pregnant with Rhody, Bo and even Lainey. It wasn't even cute the first time. But sometimes you get desperate.

(edited a few hours later. . . I can't believe I forgot this one!)

We were at the mall last week. It doesn't actually matter that we were at the mall but I like to add unimportant details to any story. We were walking and then stopping and then walking and yelling for Bo--the usual mall happenings. Lainey looked at me and said, "Mommy, your booty sort of jiggles when you walk."

Seriously? One great thing about the booty is that it is BEHIND me. I don't have to see it. Or know that it jiggles when I walk. I can guess that it does but do I need it confirmed by my 6 year old? 

Now to my youngest child.

He was sitting in my lap the other day. (Not always an easy thing to do--my lap is slowly disappearing) He stretched his arms out as far as they go and wrapped himself around my belly. He sat up and said in a very slow and intentional way, "This Is The Biggest Belly I Ever Seen!"

It's only going to get bigger honey!

Today I was picking him up and talking to him when he stopped me in mid-sentence and said, "You 'mell bad Mommy."

I didn't quite hear him so I made him repeat it.

"You 'mell bad Mommy!"

I caught it that time. Once again, the child was right. I had worked out that day and if we are being honest, I hadn't showered in a while. He called it.

I usually have random comments from Rhody but lately all that has been coming out of his mouth is "No, I don't want to." And some baseball facts and information. And lots of hugs and affection. That helps to make up for the "no's" that I get from him constantly.

Love those children.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Wedding Weekend

This weekend Kyle's sister Casey got married to Jason Butler. Here is the beautiful bride.
The wedding was in Texarkana. It was a beautiful weekend with unseasonable cool weather. Jason's dad did the ceremony in the historic church. Kyle sang a couple of songs (beautiful, of course). And Lainey, Rhody and Bo were all part of the wedding. The boys escorted their grandmother (gobby) down the isle. Lainey carried flowers and got to stay up there for the ceremony. (until her feet started hurting and she sat down with Gobby and Diddy Daddy. I hear ballet shoes are so uncomfortable--ballet shoes, not ballet flats. She changed into flip flops for the reception.)

The kids looked so cute all dressed up. 
Exploring at the church. Waiting for the ceremony to begin.
My mom and dad came for the weekend. I don't know what we would have done without them! Lainey was sick on Friday so she stayed with my folks the whole day and spent the night with them in the hotel. Evidently, they all went to bed before 9:00 because Lainey couldn't go to sleep with the tv on. They transported the boys all around on Saturday evening as well. It was a big job--thanks Mom and Dad!

Gobby and Lainey. Gobby looked beautiful. Lainey loves her grandmother. 

Kyle practicing during rehearsal. Bo really wanted to walk down the aisle all by himself during rehearsal. So before Casey walked--Bo followed the bridesmaids all the way down the aisle. He went up and stood with Jason and then made his way to Kyle. Unfortunately, during the wedding, Bo didn't understand why he couldn't "go sing with Daddy up there!"
I only have pics of Jason and Casey together from Friday night. I couldn't do a post about the wedding without a picture of Jason! They are moving to Kentucky in a couple of weeks. We won't be seeing Aunt Casey as easily or as often as we could before! 
Here is Lainey riding the shuttle to the reception with Amari Holmes. I have know Amari for a long time! She is an old Young Life kid that is all grown up (and tan!). Amari is also one of my triathlon experts that I turn to for advice or info. It was good to see her for the weekend.

Here is a family pic from the weekend. We have so few pictures of all of us! 

Friday, July 10, 2009

Lake Fun

My Bible Study girls and all of our children headed to the lake this week. 8 out of 9 of us were able to come (definitely missed Nicole and the boys)! I think that meant we had around 17 children--under the age of 6. 

It was crazy and fun. We definitely made some memories for us and for the kids. They all played so hard and were exhausted when we got home.

Thanks Sarah and Aimee for opening your homes to all of us!

PS. Sarah was great and let me have a room by myself and my kids were next to me. However, I still didn't sleep that well. I am large and pregnant. I was sort of listening for the kids. You know what I mean. 

Anyway, I took an Ambien the night I got home. Seriously, it is an awesome drug. I put my head down at 10:45 pm and did not lift it again until 6:45 am! That is really some sort of miracle. I am 6 months pregnant. I have to go to the bathroom multiple times a night. I don't always sleep well. 

I heart Ambien. And chick fil a.

PSS. I will soon post some pics of Bo's first play date with friends!

I am trying to post some pics directly from Shutterfly. We will see how it works! It seems like it is going to do some sort of slide show. Let me know if you have trouble viewing it or not.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

We had a full day today!

Started bright and early this morning with the annual LH 4th of July parade. It is of course a little warm. It is every year! Seriously, I was in this parade with my decorated Schwinn. The kids were fine being spectators this year! Yea for Mom and Dad.

We also brought chairs and a wagon with lots of cold water. Mommy got to sit for the whole thing!

We saw lots of friends there. The Bone girls sat with us. The kids ate candy the whole time! 

Then we headed over to the Bone's to swim and have lunch. Seriously, all 4th of July plans had to include a pool. It is just too darn hot!

And some sort of cold ice cream treat!

We went home to take naps and then over to Nana & Pops house for more swimming and a cookout. Rob's family and my cousin Will's family all joined us in the pool. The kids loved it! Then Dad made some great burgers. Deni's family celebrated with us as well. They are always a huge hit with the little kids!

Aunt Marian and Aunt Ruthie joined us too! 

I was in the pool and so I didn't take any pictures. 

Now we are all exhausted and ready for bed!