Saturday, May 23, 2009

It always comes back to Little House

Yesterday I woke up with shooting pains in my jaw. You know, right behind where the jaw bone ends and almost to my ear?

At first, I thought it could be referred pain from a tooth. No good for a pregnant person. You can't get much done (without anesthesia) while pregnant!

Then I thought I could have an ear infection.

Then I remembered that I have a history with TMJ or clinching my teeth at night. And I figured that was definitely where the pain came from. (just ended a sentence in a preposition--not good!)

The point is that I thought I might need to take some pain medicine or it was going to be a LONG day with the boys. Not easy to parent two little boys while experiencing shooting pain. Another one of my mommy limitations!

So I went to the medicine cabinet and then remembered that the only thing I can take right now is Tylenol. No-good, very-bad and more importantly ineffective Tylenol.

I had a moment of self-talk right then (as I took the Tylenol)

I need to be grateful for this medicine--as crappy as it may be. Because back in the "old days" they didn't have medicines for people-pregnant or not. I need to be grateful. I am grateful. But wait. They did have medicine in the "old days." I know they did. I remember they had morphine! 

Then the parental advisory episode of Little House on the Prairie came to mind. Not the one with the girl who was evidently abused or raped. That one gave me some bad dreams for a while.  

Remember when Albert experimented with Doc's medicines? He got a hold of some morphine and got immediately addicted. Back to my thoughts.

Hey, they had morphine back in the old days. They didn't have Tylenol because they didn't need it. Albert used morphine. Of course, he did literally foam at the mouth and vomit some sort of white substance. Maybe Tylenol isn't so bad.

And then I realized that probably 95% of the reason I never tried drugs as a teenager was as a direct result of Albert Ingalls and his unfortunate experience with drugs. It scared the crap out of me! The other 5% was because Nancy Reagan said that I should "Just Say No!" And that was enough for me.

So thank you Albert and Nancy. You saved me years of pain and suffering. And evidently foaming at the mouth.

PS. The Tylenol actually worked and the shooting pain stopped. I need to be careful who (or what) I have bad thoughts about!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another day, another doctor

Please note the picture below. I will let Lainey's own words (in this phone conversation) to her friend Addie explaining what happened. 

Get ready for some run-on sentences. 

Lainey said, "Yeah, I was twirling in the den and I got dizzy. I fell over on something hard, like something metal or something on the couch. . . then I put an ice pack on it--that didn't help. I started crying so hard that I had to go potty. Then we took some keys to a guy at the new house and then went to a t-ball game. . .  (pause for a breath) and then I went to school (clearly the next morning) until recess and then went to a couple of doctors and they said it might be broken and it was broken. And then the lady told us to meet her at this place and it was the wrong place and then we went to the right place where they put castes (casts) on. Right now I am standing next to the couch. And you know what color it is? Kind of light blueish. It sort of matches my shirt. . . " (I think Addie realized lainey was talking about the color of the cast--not the couch)

Then 10 more minutes of more light conversation including who might win American Idol  "either Chris or the other guy, but not your dad Chris--it's another guy named Chris." Lainey is nothing if not detailed and informative.

So there you have it folks. Lainey broke her arm last night after twirling in our den and braking her fall (literally) on the sofa. And then came into the kitchen (to see Kyle and I both) crying --some weird, never-heard-before cry--and exclaiming between sobs that she had broken her arm. 

Like any good parent, we totally dismissed the whole broken arm thing. And dealt with the unending, starting-to-get-obnoxious crying. I mean it was dinner time and we had a t-ball game to get to. And plus, she is 5 almost 6--she doesn't know if she broke her arm or not. And did I mention that she has a flare for the dramatic?

Anywho, she was right. She did brake her arm. It is called a buckle fracture. 

She has a cast. It is light blue. She has to wear it for 3 weeks or so. My plans to start living in swimming pools might be dampened a bit. (pun intended)

She is feeling good now. And can't wait to go show her teacher and fellow classmates her new cast!

All this after a not-so-fun-visit to another ENT on Monday.

Let me first start with this basic fact about me. I will do almost anything to NOT take multiple children to a doctor's visit. I loathe sitting in a germ-invested office trying to entertain children with crayons, books, granola bars, and an iPhone. All of that before you actually see a doctor. It is always a crap shoot (I am not sure that is the right way to spell or use that phrase). Sometimes it is ok and other times it is the stuff that anxiety attacks are made of. 

But Rhody and Bo both had appointments with a new doctor. Just to get to know him and get him up to speed on their ears and the poor "drainage system" they seem to have inherited.  And because I had a not-so-good experience with our other ENT. 

Let me be as quick as possible. (I know, not possible)

The doctor comes in and introduces himself. I automatically called him by his first name instead of "Dr. RosenRosen*." I was immediately mortified that I was so casual and possibly disrespectful to this new doctor. 

I am still hopeful because he does treat children in his practice and has four of children himself.

He looks at Bo first. Immediately a problem. Major, yucky fluid coming out of his ear. He decides to suction some which causes Bo to start screaming. He stops and tells me that he will have to put Bo in a harness (straight jacket) to get the rest.

We have done this before (with aforementioned doctor--remember the bad experience). It is a nightmare to have your child literally strapped down screaming for help. Just thinking about it-- I might start crying.

We move on to Rhody. He starts crying before the doctor looks into his ear. The doctor says, "Why is he crying? Kids his age don't usually cry?"

Wow. That is helpful and encouraging. 

Could it be that he just saw his brother screaming when you did something to his ears? Of course, it is Rhody and tears are not hard to come by with him.

Anyway, I called my mom to come get Rhody the heck out of that office before we do the straight jacket procedure with Bo. It might possibly scar Rhody more. And I would have 2 screaming boys (and pregnant) wanting me.

It's over now but it wasn't pleasant. 

Do they teach "bed side manner" anymore in med school?

Off to watch Idol!

*Doctor's name changed.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Watching some TV

So in the last few weeks I have watched a lot more tv than normal. And that's saying something. I do like television but really can't watch it much because of those darn kids! 

But I do get all my information from the Today Show--the only source of news in the Richardson house. In fact, the other day Lainey said, "Oh, did Matt get his sling off this week?" (referring to Matt Lauer's hurt shoulder from a bike incident involving a deer!) Then Lainey said she wanted to be "the girl with the black hair." (Ann Curry of course)

Anyway, one of the by-products of increased tv intake is more commercial viewing than I prefer. Even with the awesomeness of Tivo, I still saw some commercials--specifically infomercials. 

This has never happened to me before but I found myself seriously considering buying some of the products. I mean, have you seen some of the products lately? They are life-changing. How do we live without these products?

I always have bananas go bad at our house. These bags seem like miracle workers! Haven't tried them of course. 

And this one.

This guy can sell anything. Who doesn't need a Hercules Hook? We are moving soon. I am sure we could use these to hang all of our accessories!

I forgot the name of this thing. Mandolin slicer something or other. I don't even cook that much. Especially right now. But I really think I could use this. For something. That I can't identify right now.

I have learned over the last few years that I have a lot of weaknesses. Or areas that I am not as good as I thought I was. For instance, I am really not that organized. I am not going to be a great room mom. I don't love cooking or doing crafts --most of the time. Also, I am horrible with can openers. I think we have gone through about 4 of them. I finally went to a manual one. I can usually get that to work. But I might need to try this one!

And I have to admit, I bought this one. Not from tv but from Bed, Bath & Beyond. It was less than $10. I haven't used it yet. I am so hopeful about it. The girl at the check out at BB&B totally says it works. I am even more hopeful now! I will definitely report back!

Who could ever talk about infomercial products and leave out the BeDazzler? How I wish I could have invented this one? Lainey would love a BeDazzler! Who wouldn't?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Date Night

My mother-in-law gave me a great Mother's Day gift. Money for a date night--including enough to pay a babysitter. Isn't that a great gift?

Let me tell you, dates are not cheap! If you want to go out to a decent dinner, movie, coffee or dessert and pay a babysitter about $10 an hour, you are talking over a hundred dollars--just for one night! 

Obviously, not all dates have to be that expensive. But seriously.

So we grabbed a cheap and quick dinner so we could catch a 6:30 showing of Star Trek. It was really pretty good. I realized I have never seen any Star Trek anything! I know I missed a lot of the Trekkie trivia but I still enjoyed it.

Then we had a delicious dessert at La Duni! We never get a great dessert after dinner. It was so yummy and definitely a treat.

And we are helping Kathleen (babysitter) fund her Anthropologie obsession. It's a win/win!

Thank you Sherry for a wonderful Mother's Day gift. Because on actual Mother's Day, I served preschoolers during church, had lunch with cranky, whiny kids, went home exhausted after a weekend of t-ball and recitals, and had dinner with only slightly less cranky, whiny but adorable kids. It was in the truest sense a day that I remembered that I am a mother. 

I really am grateful to be a mother. And grateful to be a wife and for times with just my husband where we talk a lot about our children.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Great News (and quick)

I went to the doctor on Thursday for a regular check up (16 weeks). We had a sonogram and the tear is healed! My doctor did not think it would heal that fast and warned me not to get my hopes up. But it did heal! And to be honest--my hopes were up!

It was just in time for a great wedding weekend for Peter and Eleanor. I need to get a few pics to post of the kids and then I will write a little more. It was crazy and so much fun. I don't know how I would have done it on modified bed rest. Glad I didn't have to try.

So we are home this rainy day. Laundry awaits. Cleaning always awaits. And should I be concerned that my youngest spends a good part of every day pretending to be a dog? Complete with walking on all fours and panting. He is brilliant. 

Thanks to so many of you who prayed for me, who emailed to check on me, to Jenny for organizing meals and keeping Bo a lot, to Nancy, Sharon and Lacey who took great care of Lainey and us, to Carrie and Julie who helped with pick up from CCDC and played with the boys, to the other folks that made meals, to my mom who basically did anything I  needed--and I needed a lot, to Haley for letting us spend an entire day at her house, to my in-laws who took the kids to Texarkana for the weekend and then had Bo the next weekend, and to Alli and Amy who still brought me a meal even though I am not on bed rest! 

I am so grateful for all of you. I am so sad that the meals are ending! I am even more grateful that the tear has healed. Praise God.

Gotta go--remember, laundry awaits.