Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mommy Makeover #1

Welcome to the
First Ever
Missy's Mommy Makeover!

You may be asking, "Why a makeover, Missy?"

Good question.

I have always, always loved makeovers! Even in Seventeen magazine I would immediately flip to the 'before and after' section to see what color eye shadow could transform some plain girl into a beauty. Please note: I will not be incorporating any of the techniques that I learned in the February 1986 volume of Seventeen in any of the makeovers.

My favorite part of Breakfast Club is when homecoming queen Molly Ringwald gives loser girl Ally Sheedy a makeover. I always wanted Molly to do a little more to her hair!

My favorite current cable show is What Not to Wear. I love Stacy and Clinton--they are always right. My dream is to be on that show as a host. Don't think that I haven't often thought of many friends that I would nominate to be on that show! Alas, I will do my own makeovers and post them on my blog. Unfortunately, without the $5000 budget.

Anyway, I enjoy doing hair and makeup. I especially like the transformation of an entire makeover--hair, makeup, and outfit. But what is most important is what we believe about ourselves. That we (you) are beautiful because God made you unique and wonderful--He did not mess up! I believe that! This is just fun stuff. Updating ourselves. Getting out of the Mommy rut of yoga clothes, t-shirts, and pony tails. Learning how to highlight our best features. Dressing well for our figure. Taking time for our self that will honor our husbands and children. Did I mention having fun?

Let's begin!

My first Mommy Makeover guinea pig--I mean client-- is Nancy Pigeon. Nancy is married to Larry and has a daughter Gracie that is in school with Lainey. We met because the girls were in ballet and preschool together for the last couple of years. Nancy brought Lainey home from ballet every Wednesday last year! Thank you Nancy!

We were able to get to know each other more over the summer because she became my mentor/coach for the Triathlon that I completed 2 weeks ago. She found a bike for me to use. She actually taught me how to ride it--how to shift gears and brake!! Riding a road bike is not like "riding a bike." I needed a lot of help. She talked to me about everything. I am incredibly grateful for all of her encouragement this summer.

Nancy is a physical therapist and personal Pilate's instructor. The girl is fit. She looks fabulous. I just wanted to update her look a little. She had a good amount of gray hair that could easily be covered. She needs more volume and lift--that means some of the length needs to go!

Here is Nancy. Before.
Sad Nancy.

Nancy has great skin and hair that has natural body and volume. We just need to tap into some of those things.

Let me tell you that Nancy was a great sport! She was up for everything! She was ideal for a makeover. She was ready for a change. She handled all of my "honest" comments with humor and a great attitude. Thanks Nancy for still being my friend after this!

Nancy gets the initial chop! They took about 6 or 7 inches off total. She went to Artistik Edge in LH to get her hair cut and colored. Here is Shelly with her discarded hair!

After going to the salon all morning, she came over to my house for a makeup application. (see below the tragedy of her makeup collection!) They did a great job of her hair. She can wear it naturally wavy, straight or somewhere in between! Much more versatile than before.

Happy Nancy!

Nancy has beautiful green eyes. She has great eyebrows and lids that are perfect for shadow. I applied tinted moisturizer--a great option for those of you who don't wear foundation and don't like the feel of makeup on your face. It gives you light coverage and an all-over smooth look. I highly recommend it.

Every woman needs an eye lash curler. It will change your life. This is the biggest thing Nancy needs to add to her makeup routine. I recommend this one!

Side view of the hair! Cute and sassy!

I also recommend using a large round brush for drying. Of course, products are important as well. I put velcro rollers in her hair for some volume and lift--they also smooth out the wavy hair. They are cheap and easy to use. No clips or pins necessary. You can get them at Ulta usually.

We headed to the mall to find a few pieces of clothing to work on building up an updated and fun wardrobe. Nancy needs clothes for work (dressy casual), church and fun! Ann Taylor Loft is a good place to start. It fits her figure well, reasonably priced and age appropriate! However, the lighting and cell coverage stink inside ATL. Oh well.

Nancy got this great little camel colored corduroy jacket. It fits her well. A structured jacket is a must have for your closet. She got a petite so all the proportions fit well. It can be dressed up a little but also great for picking up Gracie from school and running errands.

She loved this dressy casual outfit. The fun black ruffled shirt goes great with the pin-striped pants but will look cute with jeans and a fun belt and/or shoes! Shoe shopping and a closet clean out will be next!

Now for some fun! Here are some crude iPhone pictures of Nancy's jeans that I found in her closet. The pictures don't do them justice. They are a crime against fashion. The pair on the left: MUDD jeans from who knows when, way to light denim, unflattering whiskering at the crotch area, made of 99% Lycra--they are tight. They are her husband's favorites. The pair on the right: Tommy Hilfiger high waisted, slightly tapered but incredibly on sale jeans. Lesson here: Just because they are cheap (on sale) don't buy them unless the fit is good and the cut is current.

On the left you will see Nancy's pitiful makeup selection. The pieces you see are Beauticontrol from 7 years ago or dollar store makeup! Nancy, Nancy, Nancy!

She said she uses the small little eyeliner when she is feeling brave--there is always a chance for retinal damage caused by a splinter from this decade old pencil!

We are heading to either Ulta or Target to replenish her makeup asap!

Thank you Nancy. I had a great time. Thanks for letting me laugh at your jeans, for telling you that I thought you could use a makeover, and for trusting me with things that are most important to women. You are an amazing woman and Mommy!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just one of those days!

Don't let the silly, funny faces below fool you. Around 4:30 this afternoon, none of these happy faces could be found anywhere near my children. We went to my mom's to see the granite counter tops (they look awesome by the way).

We brought sprite's from sonic--fatal mistake number 1. We then went outside to play on the playground. All the mosquitoes in the entire LH community were hanging out there as well. I literally killed 4 of them on my legs within 2 minutes. Blood smears and all.

I am not sure exactly what happened next. Someone drank someone else's Sprite. Clearly an unforgivable offense. But I left the house with 3 screaming kids. Bo quit pretty quickly and then just starting repeating, "Roddy crying, Roddy crying, Roddy crying!" Good times in the mini-van.

I am not sure what fatal mistake number 2 might be. But I thought you might be wondering about it as well.

All pictures taken with my iPhone.
I just got my Dad's old one.
I love it, but still don't know how to work it very well.

I haven't blogged in a while. I am slacking so bad. I just don't have a lot of interesting things to blog about. I get up, get the kids ready and in the car (a feat in and of itself), eat a lunch, play, clean up, naps, pick up lainey, deal with fussy kids, try to get dinner ready, answer 1001 questions (mainly from Rhody), use my new iPhone, deal with fussy kids, etc. You get my point.

However, I am really excited about an upcoming blog feature. The first-ever Mommy Makeover! A wonderful mommy, Nancy Pigeon, agreed to be my first guinea pig. We are completing the makeover tomorrow. I will post pictures asap! I have another mommy in mind for the next one! You could be next!

Glad to be back. If you have a kindergartner, you have to go read Big Mama from today.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Details, Details.

It's been a week since I left for Washington to complete my first Olympic triathlon. I can't believe it is already over. I spend the last four months training for it and September 14th has come and gone.

It was such a wonderful experience. The whole weekend in DC. Kyle got to be there the whole time. My dad came on Saturday to watch the race. And Jenny surprised me by flying in to DC to watch the triathlon. I totally owe her big time now.

After a long afternoon at the course that included
a practice swim, I came back to the hotel to clean up and Jenny showed up!
Dad, Kyle and Jenny walked around DC and got to see some sites.
I never actually saw much while I was there.

Saturday night Team in Training held a huge pasta party for the 715 of us from around the country that were competing in the triathlon the next day. It was a a great night. We all wore Team Holmes t-shirts, ate pasta, and heard inspiring stories that definitely served to motivate us. We raised 3 million dollars for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!!! Go Team!

The 12 people on Team Holmes raised $68,885 for the LLS!!! Yea Team Holmes! Rebecca was one of the top fundraisers in the whole country! The top 3 fundraisers got new bikes. Rebecca was number 4! Actually, that was really unfortunate for me because Rebecca said she would have given that bike to me! (She just bought a new one.) Oh well!

I raised close to $7000! Thanks to so many people who supported me on this journey! Your money will do great things for families fighting blood cancer! Thank you so much!

One of the sweetest things about the whole experience has been getting to know and spend time with Rebecca Holmes. Our moms have been friends since junior high school. My mom was in her wedding!! We have known each other our whole lives but never have had the opportunity to spend time together to really get to know each other. She is fun, inspiring, devoted to her precious family, competitive :) and I count it a privilege to have completed this together! Thanks Rebecca.

When we got home from the Pasta party, we decorated our jersey's with pictures of sweet Gage. It was an honor to race for him. And fun to talk about him to other racers who saw his cute picture and asked about him. We also put our names on our jersey so people could cheer for us by name--that was really cool!

Rebecca took a few minutes to talk to all of us on Saturday night. She reminded us that this weekend is really bittersweet for her (and all of us). The whole reason we trained for four months, traveled to DC, made these great friends, is all because her 5 year old son has cancer.

The reason I went on the LLS website back in May was to look for some sort of run or event I could do to raise money or just do something to help with leukemia--all because of the Holmes. A week after seeing the Nation's triathlon on the website and thinking "there ain't NO WAY I could ever do that thing," I saw Rebecca at the gym and she told me she was doing it and that I could do it. 4 days later I was signed up.

Our decorating party. We also painted our nails purple and green!
Bo loved it when I got home.

Sunday Morning. Race Day. September 14.

I got up at 4:20 am that morning to get ready and eat a little bit. We took shuttles at 5:00 am to the race site. Got our race number put all over us and started getting our transition area ready. Then stood in line for the potty for about 30 minutes! But totally necessary.

I was one of the ones in the orange swim cap. That's how they separate us. As most of you know, I was pretty nervous about the swim. It was really ok! I had some goggle problems (me and Michael Phelps!) and I had to stop and tread water while I fixed them. I finished the swim in under 40 minutes--that was my goal!!!

We run out of the water and all the way to transition. I think I am just wiping something from my face--not crying--not that there's anything wrong with that! I know Dad and Kyle were happy to see me out of the water!
I quickly changed into my biking gear and tried to remember to hydrate! It was incredibly hot and humid that day. I saw Dad, Jenny and Kyle a couple of times! The bike route was fun and challenging. I think the swim took more out of me than I had anticipated. I didn't set my bike computer so I never knew how far I had to go. I asked people along the way.

On the final leg of the race. I developed a very painful side stitch during the very beginning of the run. I instantly realized that this run wasn't going to go how I had planned. But I always wanted to be very aware of what I was doing and why. So it was discouraging and painful but didn't put a damper on the race! I ran and walked when i needed to. I took advantage of the aid stations with water and powerade and ice!!! I couldn't wait for the finish line. I did wish I had someone to run with a lot of the time! You know I always want a buddy!
I finished! That is a medal around my neck! That is the capital behind us.
I definitely could not have done this without Kyle.
He was always so supportive and encouraging. Thanks babe.
One of the greatest things that happened on Sunday, was what you see below. One of team members, Marge (age 59) was about to finish the race. She is an amazing woman and sort of our team mascot. She completed an Olympic triathlon! We all ran/walked the last several hundred yards with her. This was our Team! Way to go Marge!

The race was challenging, fun, and inspirational. I loved it. I loved doing it with my team and having my fan club there. I love that my sweet brother blogged about it and that many of you knew exactly what was going on during every minute of the race! And i loved that it was over! But sad too.

here are some more pics. . .

This is kyle eating at 5 guys. What you need to take note of is the older guy in the background, it is Jeremiah Wright. Obama's controversial pastor! My dad instantly recognized him and took several pictures. Crazy thing is that we saw him later that night too!

Tori and Nathan Schubert! So fun to do this with Tori. We have known each other a long time! I was her young life leader when she was in 8th grade! She did an awesome job!

Rebecca and Ashly Cothern. Cute pic from after the race.

Kate Meyer and her husband Dan. Kate is precious and I never knew her until the triathlon even though they go to watermark.

That's all folks. The longest blog entry ever!

Monday, September 15, 2008

We're Home!

We made it home tonight. Kyle and I took an earlier flight and got to see the kids for a little bit before bed. We missed them a lot--although we were so glad they weren't there with us. Too crazy!

I am definitely going to write a very detailed account of my experiences in Washington DC. I am just too tired tonight. I just wanted to say a few quick things before bed.

1. Thank you so much for all the encouraging comments, emails, messages--everything. I feel very loved by so many.

2. Thank you to Jenny who wins the award for most awesome-ist friend for flying all the way to DC to watch my first triathlon. I am just glad I don't have to try to describe everything to her--she saw it all first hand! It was an unbelievable event.

3. Thanks to Blair. Seriously, that was some amazing blogging (or posting?) going on during the triathlon. Thank you Blair for spending that much time and effort for me. I loved knowing that you were updating my blog and I know others enjoyed your posts. I might get ousted as the official writer for weheartchickfila!

4. Thank you to Rebecca for telling me that I should do this thing! It was great--on so many levels.

5. Thank you Dad and Kyle for always being there. Taking pictures and loving me and all my friends. Everyone loved having you there.

I have pictures and more details that I will share soon. Right now I feel like I am 100 years old. My knee is sore, I ache all over but I am grateful that I could even do a triathlon.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Post #7

I talked to Missy after it was all over and she said that, though exhausted, she was really excited and having a great time. Unlike other races, where you can simply leave after it's over, they still have some work ahead of them. After everyone on Team Holmes finished, they then shuttle over to get the bikes, then take them to be shipped back home. They have to get all of their gear together and after that's all complete, they can hit the hotel. Hopefully, the rest of their day is watching movies and getting room service, and in my dad's case, hitting the mini-bar hardcore. Just kidding.

Sunday Post #6 - They Did It!!

I don't have any info, but they sent me this pic...

Sunday Post #5

Here are Kyle, Jenny and my dad at the last mile marker. When Missy runs past them, she'll have 5 miles down and just one to go!

(This picture was taken by a 10ft. tall man)

Sunday Post #4

Missy just finished the bike race! She's really moving! She rode in at the end of the bike portion and, while a lot of people looked like they were dying, Missy was smiling.

(That's Missy going to park her bike)

She now starts the last part of the triathlon: the 6 mile run, finishing right in front of the capitol building.

Sunday Post #3

Missy's riding her bike now. When she got out of the water, someone heard her say "It's over!", excited that she'd finished the toughest part of the triathlon. Here's a pic from right before getting in the water...

As my dad was hurrying from the bike starting place to another place, he heard Missy yell "Hi Dad!", as she rode past him. Here are two pics of the bike portion...

(neither are Missy)

Sunday Post #2

Missy's out of the water! She swam it in under 40 minutes. She now runs barefoot to her bike and begins the 25 mile bike race. I should be getting pics soon.

Sunday Post #1 - She's in the water!

It's begun - Missy's swimming in the river! Here's a pic of the Potomac...

And here are pics of Team Holmes, taken last night...

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Jenny surprised Missy by flying all the way to D.C. to support her. That's really cool, although it kind of makes the surprise I was working on look lame, by comparison...a Hallmark e-card. From the 'General' section.

Busy Day

Missy has had a busy day, getting ready for tomorrow morning. There will be 3,500 people in the triathlon, including the mayor of D.C., and they've all spent today getting ready and getting all of their gear in order.

Team Holmes did the practice swim in the river earlier. Here are some pics...

It's been warmer than expected and I think the high for tomorrow is supposed to be 96. The temp in the river is around 80.

Missy says that after they swim, they'll all run barefoot for a while to get to the bikes. My dad and Kyle will hopefully be right there when Missy gets out of the river and will run along with her to the bikes. The racers have extra water bottles to hose off their feet, then they put on their shoes and ride.

It's been a full day and really exciting for everyone.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Team Holmes in D.C.

I'm Blair, Missy's little brother. I'll be taking control of this blog until Missy gets back from D.C. I'll update some today and tomorrow, and then I'll try to give you all the up-to-date...updates on Sunday. But before we get into Missy and the triathlon, I'd like to spend the next several paragraphs helping you get to know me and to share with you an exciting investment opportunity. Just kidding.

Missy and Kyle were able to get on the same flight this morning and safely arrived in D.C. They hooked up with the rest of Team Holmes for lunch.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

On Our Way!

It is late on Thursday night and we are packing to go to DC tomorrow. Crazy! I hope I brought everything. You wouldn't believe the extensive packing list we had--just for 4 hours of our life. I sent it to Jenny just to show someone how much stuff I had to remember to get together.

It feels like just yesterday I ran into Rebecca Holmes at LA Fitness and she told me about the Nations Triathlon. I had 4 days to decide whether or not I could/should do it. I knew I definitely wanted to do something for the Leukemia Society but a triathlon? An Olympic triathlon? Rebecca can be convincing and you know I like a team of other women to train and talk to. In fact, one thing I am not looking forward to is that during the long triathlon, I probably won't be able to visit during the bike or run. I won't be riding/running along side my team!

Just FYI--we will be wearing laminated pictures of Gage on our backs during the race. Isn't that cool? I will be thinking of him often--especially during the swim. And probably during the last mile of the race! Gotta keep some perspective. Gage (and others) has to endure a lot more than an Olympic triathlon. He is 5 years old--in Kindergarten--being treated for Leukemia.

Blair is going to try to post to my blog during the day on Sunday. My dad will be taking pictures and video during the race. Stay tuned for more triathlon info in the days to come.

I have been overwhelmed with everyone's encouraging words, gifts, and emails. Thank you so much. I will remember all those things during those hours of non-visiting racing on Sunday. I am grateful for all the prayers.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Dallas, We Have a Problem!

I have been wanting to write this post for a while. I have some concerns. Mainly about very important, life-altering issues. All of which surround my style and fashion sense. I think I may have lost my senses.

I first noticed some symptoms when I had some free time and some extra cash and therefore headed to Nordstrom. What was supposed to be a fun and exciting shopping experience, quickly turned south.

I realized that I didn't know what to do once I got there. What department should I shop in? The sassy and expensive jeans section with fun and pricey tops? The juniors department where the clothes never fit quite right and I question the age-appropriateness all the time? Or the other section on the 2nd floor? I don't even know what to call that section.

I ended up leaving empty handed.

I am having hair issues as well. It is long and I have lots of gray. I always tell people that if you wear it in a pony tail everyday, then it's time for a cut. Also, if you actually take the time to dry and fix it and it still doesn't look good, it's time for a change. (Jenny recently went through this and got a cute haircut. Way to go Jenny). I have waited to cut my hair until after the triathlon. I have already made an appointment so hopefully this problem will be gone in a week or two!

But the thing that really made me question my fashion savvy and style sense happened last week. I receive several catalogs and magazines in the mail. A lot of times I toss them before ever looking through them. No time. No money to waste. I tossed the White House Black Market book, the Nordstrom brochure and others.

One catalog caught my eye and I sat down to look through it. I thought to myself numerous times, "this could be cute"-- "I could make this work" -- "I wonder how this piece might fit." Ladies, it was the Eddie Bauer catalog. Since when was EB, the beacon of fashion? Since never. I see comfortable, affordable, and durable clothes in that catalog. Not bad adjectives, just probably not the ones Stacy and Clinton would want for me to use while shopping.

I am afraid I am becoming what I never wanted to be. An outdated, boring mom. (I only mean that phrase concerning fashion, I am not slipping into a depression based on a poor self-image--at least, not right now).

Just some random thoughts for today.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Boys First Day of School

Today Rhody and Bo went to their first day of school! What was so funny is that I didn't know it was their first day until a day and a half ago. I thought it was next Thursday. I am so on top of things around here!

I realized yesterday that I needed to make sure I had a backpack for both, lunch bags for both and food for their lunches. Don't worry--we got it all put together in time. Rhody is in the preschool 3's class with his favorite teacher from last year (Ms. Jana) and with his buddies Gracie and Charlie Moore. He told me his favorite part of the day was lunch. And that he played by himself a lot today. He seemed fine with it so I guess I am too.

Some before school pictures!
Bo went right in to his class. He has one of our favorite teachers--Ms. Pam. They said he had a great day. He was the little leader of the class today. I am so interested to see how this little boy turns out. He keeps us on our toes most of the time.

This was the first day ever that I dropped all three kids off to school. Crazy! I went on a bike ride at the lake, got my bike a tune-up, and then ate lunch with Kyle, Jenny and Amby. All things that are impossible with 3 children.

However, most moms will tell you that you pay for school days with preschoolers. I knew it would happen at some point. Around 4:45 this afternoon, they were all crying and clinging to me. I can't remember why at this point. Does it really matter? It wasn't like they were sad that we are at war or that some children don't have enough to eat. It was that they wanted more snacks or for me to do something for them at that very second. But I am still glad that they are all in school. They will have so much fun and so will I!

Just a quick note. I have been watching the new 90210 while posting this blog. I have a freakish interest in the show that I watched so long ago. A freshman at UT when it started. Wow, my life has changed a lot since then. Praise God! So far the show is a bit boring. Lori Laughlin is still beautiful. (remember her from Full House?) Was she ever in the first show?

I am looking forward to the new season of Chuck. That is a good show.