Friday, February 19, 2010

Here's Hank

For those of you concerned for our physical and my mental health, we are doing ok over here!

It did get a little worse before it got better. Rhody and Lainey both complained of pain in their ears and both ended up on antibiotics. But it could have been a lot worse.

That's me with a positive attitude. A glass is half full kind of thing.

I have been slacking on taking pics of Hank lately. My flash card was full. It's a beating to get the camera out with all the kids around--they all want to take pictures or be in pictures, etc.

But no excuses. I need to take pics of our baby. When he is in therapy as an adolescent, at least he won't be able to use that against us.

I will be right back. . .I hear Hank crying from the laundry room--where he took his nap.

Possibly another issue for counseling.

Here is our precious Hank at 4 months!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Embrace the Crazy

Let me tell you about the last 24-36 hours or so.

Thursdays are usually great days. The 3 big kids are in school and Hank and I get to hang out. We run errands. See friends. Eat lunch. Occasionally clean the house.

Yesterday, Kyle and I decided to go ahead and celebrate Valentine's Day. We were going to catch a movie and lunch with just Hank. Not so romantic or anything but it was time together--without the children who can talk (interrupt).

We ended up not seeing a movie because Kyle knew we had to take Hank to get tubes in his ears on Friday. He couldn't miss that much work.

So we grabbed lunch at P.F. Changs. It was delicious and Hank was great. Good times.

Then preschool let out early because of the weather. Indifferent times.

Bo came home and took a good nap. Good times.

Lainey got to play with friends in the snow. Thanks Lacey. Cold and good times--for Lainey.

The weather while already ruining the Today Show on Thursday is starting to really bug me. We don't know what to do about Hank's surgery. Should we send the kids to my mom's? or not. Should we cancel the surgery on Thursday night or wait until Friday? or not.

We send the kids on to Nana's for the night.

Actually, it is not that easy. We can't get our car out of the driveway. Dad comes to get kids. We eventually get the car out. Thanks Mr. Kelly.

Kids are at moms. I am thinking dinner at home with television and lots of laundry to fold. I'm actually looking forward to it. Sad but true.

Mom calls. My Aunt and Uncle lost power. They trump us and the kids have to come back. Wow, this is going to be fun to explain. Sad times. Mom gets kids pumped up to come home (not Lainey--she doesn't fall for that stuff).

Then, Aunt realizes she can't leave her house and my kids can stay at Nana's. Evidently, mom's cheerleading days in the '50s were effective--now the boys don't want to stay with Nana and Pops.

Long story short (who are we kidding). They all stayed. With much bribing and persuasion. Good times.

An hour later, our power goes out. Dark times. Potentially cold times.

We decide to go to Nana's and protect our infant son from hypothermia.

Blair and Nicole's power is out too. Nic and her infant daughter come over (Dad had to go get them too).

We shuffle our sleeping children to different places throughout Nana's house. Eventually, Blair and the boys show up too. (About 10 minutes after they left their house--the power was back on. Hindsight and all that).

Count it. 6 adults. 7 children including 2 infants. It's a full house.

At this point, we are thinking no way to the surgery. The surgery center is way up in North Plano. The roads will be "treacherous"--according to David Finfrock.

We all do ok throughout the night. Oh yeah, Mom and Dad slept in the recliners in the movie room. Talk about taking one for the team! Thanks Mom and Dad.

Mom made a great breakfast for all. Then their power went out. Oh wait, before the power went out, Sam threw up and his ear drum burst. Can you tell the ear trouble runs in the family?

Our power and Blair's power is back on. We slowly get all our stuff together to go home! How do we have so much stuff for a 12 hour stay?

We called the surgery center and they said to come on out. The doctor is still there. That means Hank has to skip a meal.

Here is sweet Hank right before surgery. He has been a champ! Love that baby!

Oh yea, Bo feels hot and acts super cranky. He has a fever. We make him an appointment for the afternoon with the doctor. Sick times.

Mom and Dad have to come to our house so we can take Hank for surgery. They don't have power at their house but I'm sure they would love to spend the afternoon resting after all of their surprise houseguests.

The roads look good. We made it to Plano. Hank has surgery. We head home. Safe times.

Walk in the door, wake up Bo, take him to the doctor. Diagnosis: Strep Throat.

I actually have to go get dinner ready. . .

Did I mention that our cable is out too? Mom took it upon herself to fix our cable troubles. She went to the cable place twice--to get a new box and then to get a new remote. However, while we needed a new box, our cable is still out (blame it on the snow). And all of our recorded shows are now sitting in the Time Warner office on Greenville.

So long Project Runway from last night. Hope to catch you again Burn Notice. Glad I watched Community last night.

So when people ask how it is with four kids, I usually answer that it doesn't feel that different than 3.

Except when it feels like 14.

But I still love the crazy.