Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

We celebrated Valentine's Day a little different this year. Kyle and I went to a movie together yesterday.

But today we celebrated with our kids. He took Lainey to see the Justin Bieber movie and had dinner with her. They had so much fun. She really loves that time alone with Kyle. She remembers details from some of their dates from 3 years ago! She looks just like her Daddy. She loves to give gifts to her friends and family--also just like her Daddy.

I took the boys out for a Valentine's date. We headed to Top Golf for a mean round of miniature Golf. What great weather! It was a lot of fun. Luckily, Will and Allison Caire did a swap with me. I took their two oldest boys with mine to play golf. They took Hank. Evidently, Hank took to Will. He tends to prefer some of the men in his life. Thanks Will and Alli!

I couldn't get a great shot. But you get the picture. (Is that a pun of some sort?)

I took all 3 boys to Picasso's for some pizza. It went pretty well. I think they saw (and heard in my voice) the urgency of a speedy delivery of our meal. We kept the milk and crackers flowing for Hank. And Bo only fell backwards in his chair once. Luckily it wasn't Rhody. His screaming and crying and gnashing of teeth might have caused a bit of a scene.

We had a really great time. I am exhausted. We love you kiddos!