Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Bobo!!!

Today is my baby's birthday. Bo is two years old. I just can't believe it. Don't get me wrong, he acts like a two year old a lot of the time. But time just goes so fast. (and sometimes painfully slow--like when you are sleep deprived).

We celebrated his birthday last weekend (pics below). So that might explain why he seriously does not think it is his birthday today. I greeted him this morning with a perky, "Happy Birthday Bobo!!" He responded with "happy birthday Jack, Jack." I corrected him and said it is his birthday today, not Jack's birthday. But all day he has insisted that it is Jack's birthday.

Here is Bo with his older cousin (by 11 days) Jack. Jack, Jack to us!

They love each other so much. They crack each other up!

We had a party for him on Saturday. It was only an hour and not many big siblings were there. Just a lot of two years olds eating cake, ice cream and playing hard. My mother-in-law makes the kids their special birthday cakes. She made this awesome dinosaur cake. Bo was so sweet and when his friends got there, he would immediately motion for them to come see the cool cake.

Bo tried to greet most of his friends with a big "Bo hug." Most weren't as enthusiastic as him. He can always get some lovin' from Mary Elizabeth (gee gee).

Uncle Rob with some of the kids! Ridge, Charly, Bo and Rhody all want to be with Rob.

Bo is so lucky to have 2 cousins that are just his age. Jack and Ridge and Bo are the babies of the family. The are definitely going to keep us busy. They are all precious!

Mommy and Daddy with our Bo!

Here is Bo kissing Nana. He does this often--usually he quickly washes it off and goes back in for another one. Yesterday was Mom's birthday. She is still a little bitter that Bo wasn't born on her birthday.

Cute pic of Jenny and Kylie. Bo has always adored Kylie. It has been an unrequited love. She is smiling here but don't let that fool you. When Bo comes at her, she quickly grunts and pushes him away. I think it will make him a stronger man in the end!

We love you sweet Bo!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Going Well

I just wanted to let you know that kindergarten is going well so far. Lainey really likes it. The mornings have been ok--since we started waking her a little bit earlier. She likes P.E.--she says it is short for exercise. Today is music day and she was excited about that. Probably because it is inside in air-conditioning.

One funny thing she said on Monday night is that she was "all done with sandwiches!" After one day of school, one day of lunch in the cafeteria, one turkey sandwich, she was all done with them. I tried not to jump out of my skin and stay calm. But she will be getting some more sandwiches. I think I ate a PB &J everyday for years--except chili day of course. Lainey is anxious to buy something at lunch with her cafe number. Maybe next week and maybe a drink.

Rhody definitely misses his sister. He asks to go pick her up multiple times every morning. Even Bo asked for her. As I was putting him down for a nap yesterday, Bo looked at me and said, "Lainey, home." It was so sweet. The boys are always there at pick up ready for a hug. Lainey is thrilled to see them and Mary Elizabeth (gee gee).

I am so grateful for all of my friends who are going through this with me. And the friends who will be going through this next year who have been interested in every part of it. I can't imagine our family making such a big transition without all the love and care and encouragement from so many of you.

I am wondering what it will be like when Bo goes to school. I am guessing maybe not just like this. Sweet third child.

Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of the Rest of Her Life!

Today our sweet Lainey started kindergarten at White Rock Elementary. Overall, it was a great day. We had a good morning -- an early morning, but good. In fact, I am going to have to wake her up a little earlier than I thought. She is a slow mover in the morning. She cannot be rushed. No surprise to anyone who has known her long. You will see and hear some classic Lainey comments throughout the day. I have included lots of pics to help document this momentous day.

The school girl in her uniform.

We are officially WRE Seahawks. Is there such a thing as a seahawk?
You know Rhody would be afraid of it if so.

Sweet hugs before school. Rhody asked to go get her 4 times before 10 am this morning. Luckily, I think he realized that it wasn't going to happen for a while.
He definitely missed his sister.

Our walk up to the school. Don't worry, we drove most of it. Lainey never let go of my hand until we reached her classroom. I didn't really want to let go either. The saddest I felt was walking up to the school. But at the same time, it was so awesome to see the entire neighborhood walking their children up to school too. We are lucky to be in such a great community.

The official picture in front of the school. Still holding hands.

Daddy and his girl right in front of her classroom.

Lainey was so excited to get in her classroom and put up her backpack in her cubby. She loved the classroom. She loved seeing her name on several different places in the room. She found her place on the round table and got to work writing her name and drawing her self-portrait.

This was our wave good-bye! She was totally into her "work" that she didn't get sad at all. It made me feel so much better about the whole thing to see her enjoying it in the first minutes of school. She knows one little girl in her class and luckily she was at her table!

Just wanted to document the kindergarten parents there to wait for the kiddos after school.

There is Lainey with Mrs. Barnes! Lainey really likes her and we are thrilled to have her as our teacher. In fact, this morning during breakfast Lainey told us that Mrs. Barnes is a great teacher--before even one day in her classroom. That is a good start.

Right after this picture we walked to the car. The whole fam. Lainey started whining and complaining and asking me to hold her. I guess she didn't get the memo that it was 98 degrees and we have two other children younger than her. Anyway, I was not looking forward to our afternoon because of the first few minutes after school. However, what she was mostly frustrated with was the heat and being hot and sweaty.

So once we got in the car, she was ok. She immediately told us she had a "high and low" from today. Her high was that she got to go to kindergarten. Her low was that they had to listen a lot in kindergarten--and not talk very much. She went on and on about how she couldn't talk and had to listen the whole time!

I asked her about recess. Her response was that she saw Addie for a minute but it was hot and then she got tired. She said she was tired--not sleepy tired more like worn-out tired. I mean she was in kindergarten for at least a half a day by that time!

The other funny thing she said was that she really didn't like sitting on the floor today. I guess they had story time or something, and she said she would much prefer to sit in what she thought was the teacher's chair--not the floor. She said that chair looked "comfy."

She talked to several people on the phone this afternoon and so I heard a few more thoughts she had about kindergarten. She told Kathleen that "they learn a lot in kindergarten but they do not play in kindergarten." Mrs. Barnes is laying down the hammer!!!

Our promised visit to Sonic after the first day of school!

Lainey chose Jason's deli for dinner tonight. Oh boy. Then Nana & Pops took her for ice cream--just like we used to get on our first day of school.
I hope Mom drove because clearly Dad is under the influence of drugs.

All in all it was a great day. It really is the beginning of a new stage of life for all of us. In no time at all, we will all get used to it. But right now, it is all new and exciting and terrifying. We are incredibly proud of Lainey and hope all the days ahead of her go as well as today--minus the whole tired thing.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tomorrow's the Day

I have just a few thoughts for today.

1. I really, really dislike (nicer words for HATE) taking my youngest child to Target--or any other store for that matter. I know, I know many of you are thinking that I just don't remember how Lainey/Rhody were at his age. That they were also difficult and at times un-fun. Not true. He is totally different. He doesn't even pretend to be ok in the cart for any length of time. Plus, his volume is unmatched. He can talk/yell/cry/laugh louder than most grown ups. That means I can 't ignore him. No matter how hard I try.

2. Lainey goes to kindergarten tomorrow morning. Talk about rocking our world! The fact that this house will be in full motion around 7:15 am is crazy. Then we will have to take Lainey to school for the whole day! I might try to document how many times Rhody asks for her tomorrow. (of course, I can't keep track at all of how many laps I swim or laps I run so documentation tomorrow probably won't happen).

Lainey is excited but "a little bit nervous" -- her own words. She has Mrs. Barnes as her Kindergarten teacher. Lainey really liked her and we are thrilled she is our teacher. I will let you know how the first day goes later this week!

Here is Addie and Lainey at the popsicle party on Friday when they met their teachers. They aren't in the same class but hopefully they will see each other often.

I don't really have anymore thoughts. I am sad that they Olympics are over. I am excited/nervous that the triathlon is only 3 weeks away. I am in disbelief that my baby is going to kindergarten. Pray for sweet Lainey (and addie and abby) tomorrow as they enter the beginning of their school career!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Moose, Moose!

If you know me well, then you know that I adore my across-the-street neighbor Ms. Sue. She is a feisty, funny and precious lady that I always look forward to seeing. She is originally from Georgia and has a southern drawl when she talks. She has signature colors: 1. Black--she usually wears all black and 2. Pink--the same shade of Revlon lipstick that she has been wearing for over 50 years! You know I love that!

I remember meeting Sue at the "welcome to the neighborhood" party that Mrs. Saye (amanda lewis' grandmother) hosted for me when we moved in almost 5 years ago. Sue was all dressed up in black. Hair done. Lipstick on. Sense of humor sharp as a tack. I wasn't sure she even liked me. But I did have a cute baby with me (5 month old Lainey) so I thought that might help with the neighbors.

Sue has been married for 61 years to Jim. They have 4 children that went to LH. They built the house across the street and raised their family there. She is now caring for her husband who has been sick for a couple of years now.

Don't picture your grandmother when I talk about Sue. She is witty, sharp, smart and up on current culture. She noticed that one of my friend's daughters looked a lot like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's daughter. It took her a second but she remembered the name was Shiloh.

I love so many things about Sue. The stories she tells about her childhood in rural Georgia. The stories she tells about her life as a young mother and wife. The way she and Papa (Jim) enjoy our children. The encouragement I receive from her every time I see her. The way she cares for her husband--no matter how difficult it is.

The last several days Bo has walked down our sidewalk and then to the edge of the grass and pointed across the street saying "moose, moose." That is how he says "ms. sue." I take his hand and cross the street and then he goes right up to the door to "knock, knock, knock." Ms. Sue opens the door and he walks right in and says "hi" to Papa. My kids all walk right in and go find the toys and talk to Ms. Sue. I love it.

Thank you Ms. Sue for encouraging me in my job as a mother. You make me feel like I am doing a good job--that is such a gift. Thank you for loving all of my children. Thank you for caring for your husband unselfishly. We all love you dearly.

Of course, Ms. Sue doesn't actually have internet access. She doesn't see the need for it.

Lainey and Ms. Sue. I can't believe I caught her wearing white of all things!!! But it was Friday so she had been to the salon. You can thank me later Ms. Sue for capturing you with your hair done!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kindergarten Tea

Today we celebrated our big girls by having a Mother-Daughter Tea at Highlands Cafe. It was so much fun to get together with these precious girls that have known each other since they were babies! They are all going to kindergarten in the next couple of weeks. Six girls going to 4 different schools. Sarah Fifer organized this wonderful party for us. Thanks Sarah!

Here are the precious girls! Addie, Abby, Ellie, Grace, Maddie and Lainey.

A fun picture of the mommies with our big girls.

Addie and Lainey. I just thought this picture was so great of both of them. They are going to the same school. They are getting together in the next few days to plan out their outfits for the first day of school. Such girls!

We took pictures of all the girls with their mommy. Thank you all for coming and for loving Lainey so well for the last five years. Lainey and I were talking about the fun tea today. I told her that all the mommies there love her and that she can always talk to any of them. There will be a day when she won't want to talk to me. Hopefully, she will have lots of Godly women to turn to when Mom doesn't know anything about anything!

Maddie & Aimee

Anne & Ellie

Addie & Lacey

Lainey & me

Abby & Sarah

Erin & Grace

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Eight years ago

On August 19, 2000 Kyle and I got married! It was the hottest day of the summer. If you talk to my mother, the temperature that day seems to keep increasing as time goes by. It was definitely over 100 degrees. Kyle even went up to Scofield Memorial Church at 7:00 am to ensure that the air-conditioning was going full force for his almost mother-in-law. Maybe that is why they have such a good relationship to this day!

Anyway, it was such a fun and wonderful day. I remember so much of it. Most importantly, we have had so many great days since then. We have 3 beautiful, crazy, exhausting children. I can't remember my life without them. I think it included a lot more sleep and more "me-time."

Kyle is patient (except while driving), kind, generous, and encouraging. He is a fabulous father. He loves me well. He tells random stories with no connection to our conversation...but I love that about him. And so much more!

Thanks for 8 great years! Love you babe.

Of No Real Importance

Here are my random thoughts as I attempt to do the mounds of laundry and keep my kids from killing each other. Yes, I am posting while my kids may or may not be fighting. Actually, at this moment the boys are playing with playdough. You wouldn't believe the number of snakes we have around this house. (that is all they can make!)

1. I am completely overwhelmed by my new InStyle magazine. It is 486 pages. When can a girl really read that without sacrificing important parenting, sleeping, or eating time? But there is an article about Miracle Jeans and since I am a sucker, I will read it in hopes that they invented a pair of jeans that will make my legs longer and my butt smaller. And that they sell those wonder jeans at Target or Old Navy. Keeping my fingers crossed.

2. I could eat my weight in all things bread, i.e. banana bread, french bread, biscuits, garlic toast, muffins, etc. This could contribute to the jeans problem mentioned above but I am not going there today.

3. I went to go work out today at LA Fitness (to counter act the issue explained in #2) and to my dismay, I saw some final results of the Olympics that I should not have seen until Bob Costas was involved. The TV's which I cannot even hear had CNN on and that network is evidently reporting results as they happen. I was trying to do something good for me and that's what I get!

When I have more random thoughts and pointless points, I will be sure to share them with all of you. (all 6 of you out there.)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

This and That

Seriously, the only pictures of me are the ones Lainey or Rhody take. Lainey took this one of me and Bo last week with Jenny's camera. Thanks Jenny! Those are my comfy gray pants that I wear all the time around the house. The pants that one day for Christmas my kids will take and put in the fireplace in hopes that they will never see that darn housecoat again. Oops, some weird childhood flashback just hit me in the middle of my post. Sorry Mom. That housecoat still haunts me.

There are some sweet moments with my two oldest children that I need to record so as to remind them that they really do love one another. Because in the middle of bickering what they will really respond to is for me to stop them and read an old blog post and show them cute pictures of themselves.

The above picture is Lainey and Rhody sitting together on their "couch" taking a rest. Lainey, of course, was the mommy in this scenario. I was in the kitchen cleaning up (shocking, I know) and heard them "arguing." This is what I heard:

"I love you."

"I love you, more"

"No, I love you the most."

"No, I love you the most." (very emphatically)

You get my my point. It was a sweet moment. Just a moment.

Here is a cool picture of Kyle singing with Sasha, and Will Pavone at Rob's Echo Conference. You can visit Rob and Haley's blog to learn more about the conference. We don't have many pictures of Kyle leading worship even though he does it so often. Congrats to you Rob for a great conference.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

One Month from Today. . .

On September 14th I will be competing in my first triathlon. I am actually more comfortable with the word "completing" not competing! It is an Olympic length triathlon set in Washington DC. Please click here to go to the official Nation's Triathlon website to see more about the race.

I have been training since late May with Team in Training of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We have coaches and a very specific training calendar that I have followed all summer. We sort of have a team within a team as well--Team Holmes. A group of us are "completing" a triathlon in honor of Gage Holmes. He is a precious 5 year old boy that is fighting leukemia. His mom (and friend of mine) Rebecca is our team captain and the reason we are all doing this together!

Here is most of Team Holmes at our first open water swim @ Joe Pool Lake. From left to right: Rebecca, Tori, Jessi, Kate, Bethanne, Karen, Ashly, me and Leigh! Go Team!

Part of my Team in Training (TNT) commitment is to raise a minimum of $4600 for the Society. It goes directly to help families who are fighting blood cancers. It also covers the cost of my training. Thanks to many of you, I raised the minimum and then some! I am part of the 110% club--I am not sure what that means but I get a special dinner while in DC. Please know that I am incredibly grateful and humbled that you chose to support me through this triathlon. It has been such a journey for me. It is definitely one of the hardest things I have ever done. But so fun at the same time!

I have learned a lot about myself through this experience. Let me just list a few of them.
1. It is hard to wake up early in the morning. I don't know how Matt Lauer does it every day!
2. Triathlon's are expensive! I have a lot of "gear" going on over here!
3. I have really enjoyed cycling more than I thought I would.
4. I have found swimming to be the most challenging part of it.
5. I am truly not a disciplined person--I have become more so--but it is not natural for me! I would have quit a long time ago if I were on my own!
6. I love training with other fun girls. (not really a surprise to know this one!)
7. I am ok going to the grocery store with cycling shorts on. (I didn't say that the 4 other people in the store at 7:25 am are ok with it--just me)
8. This could not have been done without Kyle's commitment to the cause and to me.
9. I like loud, fast pop music to run to!
10. Did I mention that swimming is really difficult? Michael Phelps makes it look so easy--not true at all!

Mommy returned home from an early run! The boys are usually up when I get home but want nothing to do with Mommy when she is sweaty! Kyle is the real trooper around here. He has really stepped up to allow me to do all of this training. Thank you Kyle!

Please remember me on the weekend of September 13 & 14! I will be swimming, then biking, then running on Sunday, the 14th. I would love all the prayer I can get for a safe and completed race!

Grateful to all of you for your encouragement and support!


Monday, August 11, 2008

Dinner with the fam

Last night we went to Mariano's with Mom and Dad and Rob's family. That is 6 adults and 6 kids. We are the table everyone wants to sit next too! Actually, Jenny and Amby and the girls were at Mariano's (unbeknownst to us) and sat at the table next to us. They didn't mind all the craziness next to them. Blair and Sam were also at the restaurant eating with some friends. I guess it is the place to go!

The kids all love the horses they have in the front of Mariano's (a.k.a The Bear restaurant). This is Cobb, Lainey, and Charly. Haley is in the background.

Here is Rhody with the coveted quarter for the horse rides.

The two babies of the family. Ridge and Bo. They are characters for sure. They sat at opposite ends of the table each with their own hot sauce bowl and chips eating away. They are definitely 3rd children!

On a random Rhody note: Today on our way home from a fun lunch at Watermark with friends, Rhody said, "When I get big, can I be a weeder?" I said, "you mean you want a weed-eater?" He said no, that's not what he meant. But then, he said "Like the blower guys, can I be a weeder?" So he did mean a weed-eater and he wants to be a lawn guy when he gets big.

The last time we talked about what he would do when he got big, he said he wanted to work at Walmart. He is an ambitious little boy!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Do You Believe in Miracles?

I don't know about y'all but my hair is a crazy, hot mess this summer. All the swimming with the kids and during my training has left my hair brittle and nasty. It is hard to comb through and I end up with a hand full of hair, well, you get my point.

I don't have the money to spend on hair/beauty products that I would like. I gotta be honest, I would spend way too much money on products if left to my own devices. It is better this way.

Anyway, I wanted to try to fix my hair "on the cheap." Go back to 1988 and remember the Aussie products (in the purple containers). I went to Target and got the 3 Minute Miracle. The smell of all Aussie products reminds me of my sophomore year of high school, waiting to get my driver's license, "scrunching" my permed hair, wearing Forenza outfits and eating Burger Street everyday after school. Was that an early dinner or a late lunch?

I know you are all dying to know how the 3 Minute Miracle worked on my nasty hair.

There was no miracle. There probably wasn't even in 1988 when I used it. I think my hair is a tad bit softer but it took me forever to comb it out. I guess I am a freak of hair nature. Don't get me wrong, I will use it again. I bought the stuff, I will use it for a while and hope that it does turn into a miracle.

Maybe I should try a V05 hot oil treatment next.

Random Rhody Part #1

I titled this Part #1 as if there is a Part #2. There is not one planned, but Rhody is random so much of the time I just assumed there would be multiple entries titled "random."

Conversation this morning eating homemade cinnamon rolls (I mean Pillsbury Grands Cinnamon Rolls--that's as homemade as I get).

Rhody: Peter Pan said "Let my children go."

Mommy: What did you say honey?

Rhody: Peter Pan said "let my children go."

Mommy: thinking to myself, "did Peter Pan say something like that. . .I can't remember that part of the story."

Rhody: In his raspy, singing voice, "Pharaoh, Pharaoh, Oh No. Let my people Go! Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Pharaoh was bad and Jesus. . . (I am thinking, "yea! he is kind of getting some of the Bible stories that his teachers have been working on.") . . . Jesus is on Meet the Robinsons.

Mommy: Oh well. Maybe he isn't my theologian. Just yet. The kicker is he hasn't even seen Meet the Robinsons except that it is on my Dad's iPhone.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Today in no particular order

Yesterday we took Lainey to Sulphur Springs to meet her grandparents so she could go to Texarkana for the whole weekend! This is her last hoorah (sp?) before starting Kindergarten. I am sure I will post some pics of her fun weekend later this week. (or I won't because I am lazy like that).

So this weekend, it is just Mommy and Daddy and the boys. We don't have just the boys very much and I have made some interesting observations. Their differences seem to be more obvious somehow when Lainey isn't here. I don't know why that is exactly. Anyway, my boys are close in age but very different in personality and temperament.

Example #1. Rhody got a real tee from Poppy today. You know a baseball tee--for tee-ball. Rhody is excited that he doesn't have to hit the ball off the tall sprinkler head now! The real tee is actually more substantial than one might think. It is pretty heavy for a little boy. Rhody wanted to play baseball (shocker) and started to carry the tee outside. He gave up after about 10 steps and said it was just too heavy for him.

Bo steps in and picks up the tee and starts to carry it outside. I try to take it from him to carry it outside. He refuses--adamantly. He is so stubborn and wants to be such a big boy that he carried that thing all the way outside. Rhody is always quick to ask for help. Bo wants to do it himself--no matter what.

Example #2. For those of you who know Rhody, you know that you can easily change his mind. I would say usually that is a good thing but not always. He also easily changes his mind when it isn't so convenient for us (me). We tried to convince him that going to see a movie today with Daddy would be so fun. He loves movies and has been several times. However, he decided he didn't want to go. We had a short time window before the movie started and he said no. As we were leaving the mall, an hour after the movie started, he decided he did want to go see the movie after all. Of course, lots of tears followed the dramatic scene.

Bo isn't quite as wishy-washy. He took of his crocs and went into the "garden" in our front yard. He is kind of a freak of nature anyway because my other kids would never go in mulch without shoes--it would be like walking on hot coals on their tender feet. Not Bo. I ask him to come out of the garden. He shook his head. I asked again. He shook his head again. I told him to obey and come out of the garden. He looked right at me and said "nope!" I said to him, "what did you say?" and he repeated a few more times, "nope, nope, nope!" He is precious isn't he?

On a totally different note.

I did a few mini-triathlons this morning at Joe Pool Lake with Team in Training. Got up at 5:10 am on a Saturday, whose jealous? Anyway, it was great experience and tons of fun (and really hard). I still totally stink at swimming. But I enjoyed everything and everyone there. I should have brought food to eat afterwards because I sort of crashed when I got home and started eating everything in site. Nothing like a bag of BBQ chips after a triathlon. And Reese's Pieces. And banana bread. And then Chick fil a. And so on and so on.

Off to watch more Olympics.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Say "cheese"

Happy Birthday to me!

Today I am 36 years old. Seriously, that is what I used to think was "old." Even a few years ago I thought that was old. I don't think that now. I don't feel any different then when I was 23 years old. I don't think I look different--but I totally do. We all do. I live in denial! But I am happy here so I plan to stay.

Anyway, we celebrated my birthday last night with dinner at Luna de Noche and a movie (Momma Mia). I had a great time and felt very special and loved by my friends.

Warning: Cheesy Moment!

I was just visiting with one of my new triathlon friends about how 14 years ago I started praying that God would give me friends. I don't mean add to my friends. I mean one female friend that was pursuing Christ. I prayed that prayer for what seemed like forever (definitely a few years). He answered my prayers--primarily through the ministry of Young Life--in such a huge way.

I am still friends with many of the women (I prefer girls--it could be the birthday thing and feeling old) that I met back then. He continues to bless me with wonderful, godly, and encouraging friends. A lot of them celebrated with me last night. I am in a Bible study with many of these girls and doing community group with others. Seriously, for a girl who had no friends at one time, I am crazy blessed with all of you girls!

Thank you for loving me, encouraging me, cheering for me and praying for me. (and paying for me last night!)

Thank you for making it a priority to celebrate with me. I thank your husbands (or sitters) as well.

Feeling loved today!

Carrie, Stephanie, Haley, Me, Angie and Julie. Actually, my favorite part of this picture is Erin! She is listening intently to something. . .somewhere!

Keeley, Anne, Erin, Aimee, and Nic. Out of focus just a bit--but had to include it.

The party planner! Jenny organized everything and I didn't have to decide anything! Thank you so much for my fun party.

You know I had to include a picture of the cake! Chocolate is always a favorite. Delicious!

Missed you Sarah and Lacey.