Sunday, March 29, 2009

House For Sale!

Ok. So I think in a recent post I said something about being more consistent about posting. Evidently, I lied. Sorry.

We have had a little bit going on lately. We found a house that we love--in this neighborhood! We then put our house on the market this weekend. Maybe not on the top of my list to get a house ready to show in less than a week. With 3 kids. And being pregnant. (I don't think I have mentioned that on the blog--but we are expecting number 4!! And it was planned--everyone's next question!)

Here is our home (the one we own--not the one we hope to own). We love it. It is a great house, in a great neighborhood, with a great school. If you know someone who might be interested, just email me! Isn't it so cute?

I am going to put a few more pics of some of the house. Here is the updated kitchen. Very roomy and it opens to the den.

The den. It has a custom fireplace mantle with french tiles. It is a very comfortable, cozy room that we totally live in. I almost always blog while sitting on the sofa typing on my laptop!
Our Master bedroom. The paint color is "quiet moments." I wanted something that felt serene and calm--much like my life! ha!

Here is the living/dining combo. It is very spacious and has great light!

Now I am going to bed because I am exhausted! Thanks to Mom and Dad for letting us stay there this weekend so the house could stay clean for a little while. Thanks to all the friends who helped me this week with the kids and the house! This stuff stresses me out some but we have felt loved and prayed for this week. So thank you.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Guess who scored his first goal?

Rhody had a great time today at his game. He scored his first goal and it was his team's first goal!!!

He played goalie for one quarter and made tons of saves for the team! He is really catching on to how the game works. Don't get me wrong, they are four years old and have played two games--they have a lot to learn. But the kids are improving every day!

Go Tigers!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Is it just me. . . ?

Is it just me or . . .

Is Denise Richard's hair the same color as her skin?

On that same note, the tanning salons in LA are making a killing from the DWTS's cast right now!

Don't you love getting a new, unopened magazine in the mail?

Especially Real Simple and InStyle! In no time, I will be able to share 101 tips on how to clean your house with a single lemon and a toothbrush.

Aren't pedicures so great?

It really is a luxury to have someone scrub and clean and exfoliate that dead, dry skin on my feet.

If I had lots of disposable income, I would spend it on the prepared foods from Central Market. And on laser hair removal. And on a cool pair of heels.

This could be why I don't have a lot of disposable income. Clearly, for good reason.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday nothings.

I read a book my dad had laying around his house. It was called something about ProBlogging or How to be a Successful Blogger or something. (just a side note: I might have a freakishly good memory when it comes to phone numbers of childhood friends, birthdays, random details about people I don't know very well, and history dates but when it comes to books and literature--I stink. I can't remember the names of any books I read. And it really shouldn't be that hard because I hardly ever read a real book. I mean a magazine doesn't count--I assume. I can't remember character names or anything. Don't you think that is weird?)

Back to dad's book. And I need to correct my above statement. I read a paragraph out of one of dad's books--not the actual book--that is crazy talk, reading a whole book. Anyway, that paragraph said that there is actually some sort of science to the amount of times one should post on a blog. You don't want to post too often and get reader burn out. You don't want to post to little and get. . . I don't actually know what the consequence here is. People don't come to your blog?

Anyway, there is a good number of posts. However, since I just read one paragraph and not the whole chapter, I have no idea what a good number for my blog is. But what are the chances that the book actually told you an exact number? I am betting that the recommendation is to post more than twice in 3 weeks!

I am hoping to back on the posting wagon. I mean with all of you clamoring for some new posts, I just felt like I need to . . . OK--no one has actually clamored. Or complained. Or really even commented. Thank you for giving me some time. To do nothing and come up with nothing.

Here is a quick recap of my last week.

Went to 2 birthday parties. Had a first soccer game. Got totally annihilated in that game. Kids didn't even notice! Went to Mariano's and said Hi to the bear. Didn't go to the mall. Went to LA Fitness with no bad report about Bo. Ate chick-fil-a. Spent next 20 minutes in bathroom after eating CFA (tragic, I know!). Watched Idol--glad there is 13. Like Danny. Not into Adam like Paula is. Sang to 3 year olds. Cleaned up vomit. Got vomited on. Cleaned up Mommy. Missed Bible study (because of aforementioned vomit). Shaved legs. Need to color gray hair. Someone thought I was 24. Praise God for that. Tried to reason with a 2 year old. Failed. Watched Backyardigans. Cuddled with boys. Did laundry.

Have a great day.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's Been a While

You would think that since I haven't posted in a while, I might have a lot of interesting, entertaining, informative things to share with you.

Alas, I don't.

Let me sum up the last week. We woke up. Me, occasionally early, to workout. Rhody and Bo asking if it was after s'ven o'clock. Lainey slowly. Daddy too. Ate breakfast. Got dressed (sometimes earlier than others). Went to school or didn't go to school. Had soccer. Had soccer again. Then had freezing soccer game. Had ballet too. Played with friends. Probably went to chick-fil-a but can't actually remember. Someone went to time-out. Someone whined--maybe me. Watched television. Cleaned the house (can't tell it now). Saw nana and pops. Complained about not seeing N & P enough. Talked about Madagascar. Sang a peanut butter song. Went to church. Reluctantly cooked dinner. Someone whined again. Talked about "highs" and "lows." And then went to bed. Oh yeah, a bath or two as well.

Wow, that was interesting. I know all my former Young Life girls are now thinking, "Is that what I have to look forward to?"

I hope I don't have to reiterate--I love my life. It's not cool. Or reality tv material but I still love it.

So I try to learn something new everyday. Here is what I have so far from today.

1. Watching Tom and Jerry brings back childhood memories! It is not nearly as much fun to watch without Rhody in the room. He gets the comedy and laughs hysterically at that old cartoon. I still don't like Tom's creepy yellow eyes!

2. Bo took his toddler Bible to nap today. He called me in and was pointing at the picture of Jonah and the big fish. He said he wanted to go thay (there)--it'd be fun! My son wants to go inside the belly of a whale. I have no other comment on that.

3. Lainey is home sick today. She made her own sandwich, put it on a plate with chips, and got her own drink. My work here is done.

Have a great day!

If you get a chance, click over to Big Mama's blog today. She is hysterical!