Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Catch up with photos. . .

Who can believe it's July? We are having a great summer. We have been swimming, playing (indoors a lot), seen lots of movies, and enjoyed play dates.

We enjoyed some sweet treats! Hank and Clara love chocolate!

Happy Father's Day to Pops (Poppy!)! 14 grandkids think you Rock!

We did a week of VBS at LHUMC. The kids had such a great time. Here is Bo on Crazy Hair Day!

Another fun summer with Mrs. Debra! She is for sure the best swim teacher ever. We look forward to our two weeks with her all year long!

One of our dear Young Life friends Michelle (Meesh to the kids) got married to a great guy last month. Bo was the ring bearer and Kyle sang. It was such a great celebration. We have known Michelle for 14 years--since she was a sophomore in high school. We love her a lot!

Bo and Mary Elizabeth (gee gee).

Just a great pic of my mom and dad from the wedding!

We went to the annual 4th of July parade here in LH! My brothers and I used to be a part of this same parade-- 30 years ago. This year we were spectators and collectors of candy thrown to the crowd!

Sweaty boys. Rhody, Asher Davenport and Bo--waving to the LH football players or cheerleaders--can't remember which one.

Andy's family is in town visiting. Got a few pics of their precious children. Here is baby Andee Laine!

Asher -- my boys love playing with him. He is all boy. And a sweetheart.

This is Ayla. She is like a little pixie. So adorable. She is two and a half. Lainey wants to keep her with us. She is lighter than Hank --even though a year older.

Here are all the kids after the parade. The Bone girls, the Davenports and our 4 kids.
Man, it was HOT!
and fun of course.

Have you heard about the planking craze?
Here is our air plank with Rhody!

A fun day with Asher!

Lots more of summer to come!