Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kids dancing

We were looking at some fun family YouTube videos today. (After we did some times tables, read some of War and Peace, memorized a sonnet or two--of course)

I came across this old one from Blair's birthday party a few years ago. Rhody is almost two. Lainey is 3 1/2. You will see Cobb, Charly and Sam Thomas as well. Bo was just a baby. Hank wasn't even a thought yet.

The quality is not good but you can see how much they love to dance. Rhody is the one you see first.

Also, I added the video of Bo at his program in the previous post.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bye Bye Preschool.

This is our last week of preschool for Bo and Hank. Sweet and sad. It is our 3rd year to have Mrs. Hopkins. We love her (and Mrs. Boekemel)!

A lot of people ask us if any of our children have any singing ability. The answer: we have no idea. Yes, they have their father's genes. They look a lot like him. But they have my no-singing-ability genes as well. Only time will tell.

I have no idea if Bo can actually sing. But he does enjoy the stage. Just take a look at the pics below. See video below!!!

We love you Bo!