Monday, December 21, 2009

Horse Time

After Thanksgiving, Kyle and I and our two youngest children came back to Dallas for the weekend. Rhody and Lainey stayed with their grandparents for a fun weekend in Texarkana.

Bo needed a little special attention.

Isn't that what you say and do when your child is acting out and all other things seem to be ineffective?

Well, with a new baby and two older siblings, Bo doesn't get a lot of one-on-one time. So he got to spend some time with Kyle one day. He got a hair cut--sort of looks like Jim Carrey from Dumb and Dumber but he's still precious. He got to spend a lot of time with Nana and Pops as well. He loves them and that is always a treat!

I asked him what he wanted to do in Dallas during the car ride home. He said, "go see horses." Random, but ok. (since Bo doesn't say "H's"--that sounded more like orses)

Kelly and Paul Gittemeier (two of my most favorite people) allowed us to go visit their horse that weekend. The stable is right around the corner from our house!

Here are some great pics of our horse visit.

Bo loved it! He fed the horse. He sat up on the horse. I am sure he would have gone for a ride if the horse was set up to carry a 3 year old.

My other two children wouldn't have done half of that. They would have been afraid to touch him and especially feed him. Bo is fearless (most of the time). That's part of what makes him difficult at times but also what makes him so great.

Kelly G. (who has four of her own children--now grown) said it best about Bo.

She said, "He will keep life interesting!"

I bet he will.

Friday, December 18, 2009


I keep thinking something interesting will happen and I will HAVE to blog about it. Just to tell a great story to all my friends. (even though a lot of my friends don't actually read my blog. huh.)

Nothing too interesting has happened in my life lately.

Unless you consider projectile spit up hitting you at point blank range and then going down your shirt interesting. Or possibly finding your 3 year old pulling the clean, dry clothes out of the dryer while holding something suspicious in his other hand and then asking him why and he says he is trying to wash his underwear because it has poop in it and then you notice some poop on his leg. Only made more interesting that this happened about 3.5 seconds after you just changed clothes from the projectile baby vomit.

Can you say run on?

Or that your precious 9 week old baby boy (actually maybe 10 week old) is going thru an awkward phase--losing his hair, crusty eyes that don't always open right or at the same time. He sort of looks like a pirate baby, Arrrr!

Or that I did my laundry and literally every pair of pants of mine that got cleaned (probably a weeks worth) were all in the black family. All also having some sort of Lycra material. What's up with that?

Or I could write about my hatred of nursing bras. That would be good one for sure.

Or how much I am looking forward to the new season of Project Runway.

Or I could definitely give some reviews of all the Christmas made-for-tv Movies on Hallmark and Lifetime. The Hallmark movies always have characters that have lost a loved one and need a new love, a spunky kid or golden retriever to help them thru the holidays. Just try watching one without shedding a tear! The Lifetime movies always have "has been" actors as the stars. Baywatch's very own Nicole Eggert starred in two this season. Plus, what is a good Lifetime movie without Tom Arnold? He's a network favorite for sure.

Wow. I know way too much about that. All I can say is I'm nursing. And I like to watch something when I am nursing and the kids aren't around.

Gotta go. We are having family movie night. We are watching Frosty the Snowman. Or as Bo calls it, Costy the No-mam.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Photography 101

We are so thrilled to have Hank here. But you would never know it if you look at my iPhoto. I haven't taken many pictures of this precious child.

Is this what happens to the 4th child? No pictures? No videos?

I will work on it.

Another issue with photographing my children: I am the family photographer, so there are hardly any pictures of me with the kids. At all.

I am trying to work on this one as well.

Here is one with me and Hank.
Big Yawn!

All the pictures I have of me and Hank have ALL been taken by either Lainey or Rhody! (including Big Yawn!)


Here are a few more shots taken by my amateur photographers.

Big Hug!

The next two shots are what you get when a 4 and 6 year old are taking the pictures.

Got Hank, where's Mommy? Look at those awesome guns! :)

Cute of Hank, some of Mommy.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's the end. . . of a season!

After many cancelled and rescheduled soccer games, the season is over!

Rhody and Lainey enjoyed their fall soccer season.

But Rhody really did! Look at his face below. Priceless.

Rhody really caught on to the game this season. He was always ready to play and never got frustrated or beat down. He was definitely into scoring goals and knew how many he got every game. He just never knew how many the other team scored! Perfect.

Go Sharks! Go Blue Angels!

Monday, November 23, 2009

A bunch of Nothing

So I haven't blogged in a while.

I promise that not all of my posts will be about how I haven't posted. Maybe.

I once explained how I have these "blog" moments. Let me explain. I have some random thoughts about life and I quickly think about how to make these bits of wisdom or insight into a blog post. Most never making it to the blog. However, because of having four kids and needing to watch important things like the finale of Project Runway, my ability to post is thwarted. So then 3 weeks passes and no post.

You understand, don't you?

I have new blog moments these days. In the middle of the night when I am up feeding Hank, I have more blog thoughts. Like the other night, I had the most interesting and enlightening blog post all written in my head. I thought to myself, "I wonder if I will remember this in the morning so that I might share this great info with my adoring public. Or just my mom and jenny." And as quickly as that thought came to mind, I remember thinking, "There is no way that I am going to forget this!"

However, it was four in the morning and I totally forgot.

I just want to leave you with the bits and pieces that my sleep deprived brain did remember.

It was SO funny. (my thoughts that is) It involved making fun of Kyle Kaigler and his jean shorts that he wore in 1987 and still wears today. I think it had something to do with a ski trip with my friend Missy Giles and Young Life in the same year. And that I had a sweat suit from Sam's that I wore on aforementioned trip. And that I lied about my weight on the ski trip form.

The lie about my weight wasn't probably included in my funny blog post dream. Of course, I don't even remember my real weight--but I would be happy to be there now!

So as you can see, it would have been such an interesting read. Full of life-changing thoughts and ideas.

It's a wonder why I don't post more often.

And I kind of wanted Carol Hannah to win Project Runway. Irina just isn't very nice.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Pics!

It's been a while since I posted.

It could be because I have a 3 week old baby and a slow recovery from a c-section.

Or it could be that I read the entire Twilight series since giving birth--or having the swine flu--I can't remember.

I need to be clear on something. I am not a reader. I don't read. Not exactly true--I read InStyle to see how not in style I am. I read Real Simple to learn ways to make my life run more efficiently--ways that I probably won't incorporate into my real life.

But I got sucked in to the Twilight series. I am not a 'vampire' person. Or a reader. But it is a page-turner. (is that "reader" talk?) I recommend it.

Anyway, back to the post at hand.

Here are some of our halloween pictures from this weekend. It was such a great night to be outside. We met the Bindras and walked thru our neighborhood. It is our tradition now!

Lainey (mermaid) and Hank (cute cow).

The four of them. This will probably be our life in pictures for a while--like years. Someone always crying.

Hank (3 weeks old)

The Bindra girls and Lainey were all mermaids this year! And they are all smiling. As Jenny said, "it's a Halloween Miracle!"

All the kids (minus Hank who stayed home with Nana). Rhody had evidently cheered up by then. Or the sugar-high was beginning to take effect!

Who are these bandits? Clearly it is the Apple Dumpling Gang! I mean what 4 year old doesn't want to be Don Knox and/or Tim Conway for Halloween? The boys watched that old movie and decided that's what they wanted to be! It was all about the gun and the bandana!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Family Pics

We are loving being home with Hank. He is precious. The kids adore him (enjoy it while it lasts). I am glad to sleep in my own bed and hold my children (not necessarily in that order).

I am recovering--slower than I would like. But I'm no spring chicken ladies. And the 4th c-section was a little more difficult than I imagined. My skin seems to have lost all elasticity. I hurt in weird places. But--we got Hank!

The jury is still out on who Hank looks like. Seriously, he changes everyday. Here are some pics of Hank with his family!

Thanks for checking in on us!

Monday, October 12, 2009

He's Here!

Here is a brief introduction to our new baby!

Henry Bascom Richardson


or as the nurses here nicknamed him "Hank the Tank!"

He was born on Saturday and weighed in at 9 lbs and 14 oz!

I was actually in labor while writing the previous post. I remember having contractions while writing it--probably why it is not as long and random as usual. Well, it wasn't very long.

We are so excited to finally meet Hank and hold him. We can't figure out who he looks like. But according to Bo who just saw him today for the first time, "Hank looks like us!!!" I guess "us" means all of the kids. Pretty cute.

We will post more later but here he is. . .

And it clearly takes a village to raise our children. Thank you to the grandparents for caring for the big kids for over a week now. And to all the friends who have helped with caring for them, sending emails, notes, gifts, prayers. We love our "village."

Thank you!

Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm Old

I am home sitting in my bed. Super pregnant. Literally, never been this pregnant before (this many weeks).

I have been thinking in the last couple of weeks that pregnancy has an interesting effect on me. It ages me considerably. (Of course, the last few days has only solidified this thought)

I feel and act like an 87 year old. Not a 37 year old.

I move slow and sort of hunkered over like an old lady. Really slow.

I eat small meals that are bland (not too spicy). I would be happy eating dinner at 4:30 pm--to prevent heartburn.

I go to the bathroom all thru the night (and day).

I probably have unwanted facial hair but haven't had a chance to get to it.

Did I mention how slow I am moving? And the bathroom issues?

Hoping that I will start feeling my age in just a few weeks!

Plus, I will get to hold our baby soon.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Still here!

I am still here at the hospital. I will be here another night. I feel a lot better (unlike yesterday when possibly a Mac truck could have hit me and I would have felt better). But I still have a crackling sound in my lungs. Or better said from my doctor and nurse, "your lungs sound like crap."

I am pretty sure that is not good.

The doctor thinks this is the safest place for me to be. For me and Hank.

We are basically not sure about Hank's arrival. It might be after Friday--just to give me time for a full recovery.

Some other random thoughts:

The post from yesterday was short and a little random. Could be because I was incredibly uncomfortable and using one thumb on an iPhone to enter in that post. It took 25 minutes for like 4 sentences. Wow. Good use of time. I seem to have a rather large and awkward thumb.

I might have experienced some slight brain damage from watching 12 hours straight of Lifetime movies on Saturday. Would you ever think a movie called "Weather Girl" would really be good?

I had an "ambien" dream last night that involved the pillows on my bed having names and personalities. And it seemed like a reasonable thing to happen. It wasn't until 10 am this morning that I realized that my pillows are inanimate objects and do not have it out to get me and keep me from falling asleep. (can you say "run on sentence?") 10 am would be several hours after being awake. I am just a slow learner.

I have a lovely view from my window--of the top of the building adjacent to this one. Lots of air conditioning ducts involved.

I got complimented on my hair last night. After a full day of feeling like crap and laying (or lying) in a hospital bed. At least my hair looked good. Because that is really what matters!

Seriously. . .

Thank you for all the prayers for me, Hank and the rest of my family. They are so appreciated and needed. We feel loved!

Thank you for all the offers to help--with kids, food, everything. I have the best friends ever! We will definitely be reaching out for some help. I know it is tricky because we need to try to keep our kids healthy and all my friends have kids (aka--little petri dishes for the flu and other diseases!).

Thanks to Jenny--best darn communicator ever. Who knew that in her job description was being my voice, answering-machine and everything else. Thanks Jenny! I owe you. How about some major baby-holding in a week or so?

Gotta go back to put my feet up and drink some more fluids!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

From the hospital...not what you think

I am sitting watching the cowboys from a hospital room. Maybe not what I planned for this sunday afternoon!

I have the flu--type A. Which probably means H1N1. And I am super pregnant. Supposed to have a section this Friday.

They are looking at my respiratory system. Evidently, this large baby boy is compromising my lung capacity!!

I like Romo but come on!

We would love to be able to wait until Friday to have Hank. Can't believe I am saying that! I would love to feel a lot better when he is born!

Gotta go do nothing!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Finally Soccer!

After two weeks of constant rain and cancelled practices and games, Lainey and Rhody had their first soccer games. It was an unusually hot late-September Saturday! Sam and Rhody are getting to play on the same team this fall. Rhody is thrilled to play--game, practice, all of it.

He immediately spilled all of his red Gatorade on his jersey following the game. Explains the no shirt! And I used half a bottle of Shout to get it out.

The adoring fans!
Cute sweaty Rhody after the game. He was just looking at this asking why his hair was all over the place! Good question.

Gobby and Diddy Daddy came in town and got to see some of the soccer games. Rhody was the photographer here!

Here is the only shot of Lainey that I have! My battery ran out. This game was a little more stressful for Lainey. They are playing real positions this year and she had no idea what to do. That is not a place Lainey is comfortable being! Good news is they had a game the next day and she felt a lot better about playing!

Our loudest, sweatiest fan out there! He can't wait to play.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Less than 2 weeks.

Less than 2 weeks.

I have said it multiple times just in the last few days. To friends, strangers, family, and more strangers.

I have a rather large belly that draws lots of attention.

Men that say, "You look like you are about to burst!" (and that was 3 weeks ago). And "You got 4 kids in there?" (that was from a friend--no hurt feelings here!).

Women that empathetically say, "You look great!" And "You totally don't look like you are that close to delivering."

Either being empathetic or lying. Fine with me either way.

Most people questioning whether or not I will actually make it to my c-section date. Heck if I know. I just really don't want my water to break in church. Or Albertson's. Those are the things of my nightmares.

So I am trying to figure out what I can wear to church that fits and maybe is "slimming." Is that an oxymoron for a 9 month pregnant girl?

I am thinking I might do an over-the-top hairstyle and possibly garish makeup. Anything to draw attention away from my belly.

Or I might tape a sign to my shirt that says "Less than two weeks!"

Or just waddle on into church.

Have a few moments to worship God. Thank him for baby Hank. Praise Him for the children I already have.

Then get up and go to the bathroom (again) and put my feet up so that I might still have ankles.

Monday, September 21, 2009

In a little while.

I will be back to post soon. I have been playing with a camera and photoshop and looking at blogs. And being 9 months pregnant, and cranky and impatient, and down right hard to live with. And trying to finish lots of projects around the house. And growing out of every single maternity piece I have. And praising God for black, stretch, yoga maternity pants.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rhody, Rhody, Rhody. . .

I did a post about Bo and his birthday and Lainey and her first day of school so it only seems natural to post about my middle child today. Good thing he has given me a lot of material lately. And when I say lately, I mean in the last 24 hours. Precious child.

We are all adjusting to our new school schedule. Everyone is getting up earlier. We are going down for naps or "room time" earlier. We are eating our gourmet dinner a little earlier. (part of that one is true). And we are going to bed earlier. Get what I mean?

Rhody still takes a nap sometimes and has room time sometimes--depending on how tired he is. Yesterday, he woke up so early that I just knew he needed a nap. I sent him up to his room and told him an exact time (i.e. 3:34) that he could come down. He is a little new to this "reading the clock" thing. This summer Lainey told him what time it was and when it was time to come downstairs.

I remember thinking yesterday afternoon that I was surprised that he wasn't sleeping during his room time. I could hear him walking around a bit. But then I started reading, talking on the phone, watching the food network. I am such a multi-tasker! :) I wasn't paying attention.

Realizing that it was after the appointed time, I went upstairs to tell Rhody he could come down and as a treat could watch the Ranger game tivoed from the night before.

This is what I saw when I rounded the corner of the stairs.

He fell asleep on the stairs. Seriously. The front door was wide open in front of him. The tv was on. I was talking on the phone. None of that bothered him. I am not sure exactly how this happened because he doesn't know either. 

Grab another nomination form for mom of the year and put my name on it!

I did wake him up because I was a little afraid he might wake up and roll down the stairs. Not a fun way to wake up from a cat nap.


Today we went to the mall with Jenny and the girls plus a friend. I realized AFTER this trip that maybe I shouldn't take the boys to the mall in my current pregnant state without a stroller or some other straight jacket contraption for Bo. 

I can't chase him. And he doesn't obey. Not a good combination. 

I don't know why he doesn't obey. I seriously have questioned myself (ourselves), "Did we forget that chapter of parenting with him?" 

But this post is about Rhody so I digress.

Rhody wasn't much better at the mall but doesn't run with lightning speed away from me.

On the way home, Rhody mentions that he has gum in his hair. 

Because that is what I was hoping to do when I got home with these two awful and precious little boys. Figure out how to get gum out of his hair.

I did google it to see if there was some new awesome way of combining olive oil and mayo plus flax seed to get gum out of hair with ease and comfort. No such thing exists. 

I got the peanut butter out. Here is Rhody with the gum--coated in peanut butter.
After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, we got both the peanut butter and the gum out. He got in the shower to get the smell out of his hair. I think it is all gone.
I could go on and on but I need to put my feet up and I think I might be getting carpel tunnel syndrome. I actually don't even know how to spell that!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Bo!

Guess who had a birthday this weekend?
Gobby made another fabulous cake for Bo. He wanted a sports birthday party. Actually, he would say he wanted a baseball party, then he wanted a football party, etc. We interpreted it as a sports party. But he definitely wanted a pinata! He wanted to "whack" something really hard! Gobby provided that as well!
Can you tell how awesome that cake is? Bo loved it!

Bo has several girl-friends that came to celebrate with him! Emma, Kylie and Mary Elizabeth (gee gee). Precious girls. They preferred the snacks and the cake to the sporting games!

Teaching him to say THREE! He started saying he was 2 1/2 about a week after  his birthday last year. We will see what happens this year.
The "big" cousins! (we missed sam and jack!)
Enjoying the cake and ice cream with Davis!
We love you Bo! You are full of energy and life. You challenge us constantly and make us laugh even more. Can't believe my baby is three!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of 1st Grade!

Monday was the first day of school for Lainey and her friends! She was actually pretty excited about going back to school. The reality of homework and exams won't hit for a couple of more years--I hope!

Lainey and her brothers bright and early Monday morning. 

Only decent family pic from the morning. 
It was bright and early for Mommy and Daddy as well. 

Lily and Lainey ready for school! Lily started Kindergarten this week. She was thrilled (and so was Lainey) that she got Mrs. Barnes this year! 

Lainey and Addie again this year. They planned out their outfits a week or two ago! Lainey was disappointed not to be in Addie's class again this year but is holding out for 2nd grade!

Mommy and Lainey (and baby Hank). I generally shy away from pictures right now. However, I figure one day Hank or the other kids might actually want proof he is my child.

Lainey and Daddy. Kyle will start taking Lainey to school every morning now. It is a special time for them. Plus--Mommy doesn't have to get a bra on and leave the house.

Lainey sitting at her desk in Mrs. Ratliff's class. We are thrilled to have Hanna as Lainey's teacher. I have known Hanna (and her husband Ben) since she was a Young Life kid at Lake Highlands. She will be a great teacher for Lainey!

She had a good first day. She told me all about it. Her least favorite part was recess. She said it was just too hot and she walked around way too much. I mean she is a delicate flower!

What kid says recess is the worst part of the day!

I will definitely miss Lainey during the day. I am once again a "boy mom." I love that role too. She just seems so big! 

Friday, August 7, 2009

Birthday Getaway

My birthday was this week. 

I am not afraid to say that I am 37 now. 

It seems weird to see that in "print." It looks older than I feel. Well, older than I feel when I am not pregnant. I feel about 87 years old sometimes. But that is another story.

Kyle planned an overnight, in-town, getaway for just the two of us. The kids stayed with my mom and dad--they were pumped. We went to Hotel ZaZa. Pretty swanky, huh?

We started by having lunch at the Dragonfly restaurant at the Hotel. It was delicious! We had the place to ourselves. I was just happy not to order off of the kids menu and to not have to keep a 2 year old in his chair constantly. 

The Dragonfly Restaurant

Hotel ZaZa

Look at these awesome draperies in the lobby. Huge!

We ate--a lot faster than we needed to. It's hard to get used to taking your time while eating a meal. Then we walked over to a little shopping center. I saw a Texas Rangers store and knew we needed to go in--just to see. 

Just to see that everything was so expensive. And that Rhody would have loved everything. Anyway, we picked up some birthday dessert while shopping (not at the Ranger store!) and headed back to the hotel. We did get a couple of small things for the kids--that Lainey was unsatisfied with because she doesn't like baseball.

Here we are waiting for our room to be cleaned. Kyle wasn't happy about that but once again I was fine just sitting there in the absence of questions and whines and tears. Just fine.

This is our room. Not a great iPhone picture but you get the point. It was a concept room or suite. Each one is different. Ours was called West Indies. It was decorated with that theme. Very cool and comfortable.
That's the overnight bag that Kyle got me for my birthday.
\ I was in desperate need of a bag! It is great. 

Here is the dessert that we picked up. One for each of us and one to split. Remember, it was my birthday! Unfortunately, I have been on a 3-day pass for desserts on my birthday. As my dad would say, "I gotta get back on the program!"

We went to Coalvines for dinner that night. We sat outside (open to the inside behind me) and enjoyed a part of Dallas we never see! It felt like we were out of town--without the price of airline tickets or a couple of tanks of gas!

Dinner was delicious
It was nice to getaway with Kyle and do nothing. It is a funny thing that what is a great gift to me right now is getting away and doing nothing. Putting my feet up a lot (no shopping). Watching a movie (not PBS). Eating a dessert and taking my time at a meal. I felt cared for and loved spending some alone time with just Kyle. He is my best friend and we have a great time together. 

Happy Birthday to me! 

Thanks babe!