Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just a day

The day started simple enough.

Get Lainey to school (Kyle does that). Get boys dressed and ready for school. Rhody needs to wear red for a school field trip to the Science Place. Lunch in a brown paper sack for him. Feed and change Hank.


Go to the DPS to get new license. (purse was stolen--replacing all cards. not so fun) It was a miracle--I was literally in the DPS for under 10 minutes! I think Hank was my lucky charm.

I had a great lunch with my friend Missy. (She has a daughter named Lainey too. It's a long story.) So much fun for me!

Then pick up happens. Put Hank back in the car seat. Go get boys from pre-school. Drive to elementary and wait for Lainey. Get Lainey and go home. In the 2 minute drive home, kids ask to go to Nana's house, Sonic, Jenny's house, Nic's house. Anywhere but home. I love you anyway kids. We went home.

Rhody has practice at 5:30. We all go to practice on nice days. So somewhere between 4 and 5 pm. The following happened:

  • I changed Hank's diaper and put him in his favorite --the Johnny Jump up.
  • Made snack for kids.
  • Folded laundry. (my nemesis)
  • Bo said, "Mommy, come see these stripes on Hank." What stripes? I went to go see. It was a small stream of poop that was running down his leg!
  • Major clean up that involved a bath.
  • Started gathering stuff for practice. Can't find cleats.
  • Probably checked email.
  • Started feeding Hank. While finishing, I heard a loud scream and cry--from Rhody. (Rhody is quick to cry but this sounded different)
  • I quickly place Hank on the ground and run upstairs.
  • Rhody hit his head on Lainey's bed. Her iron bed. I put my hand on the back of his head to feel the bump. I pull my hand away and there is a good amount of blood. Trying not to freak him out, I hurry him downstairs and demand Lainey join us downstairs to watch Hank. Oh, and Bo is crying in his room for some reason. Not sure why.
  • Rhody is ok. Head wounds just bleed a lot.
  • While I am still treating Rhody, Lainey goes back upstairs and informs me that Bo has tinkled in his pants and it is on the carpet. Oh boy!
  • I tell Rhody to hold his own paper towel on his head to stop the bleeding and run upstairs to clean up the mess. Bo was in tears because "I didn't mean to!"
  • I got that cleaned up and went back down stairs to check on Rho and Hank. Praise God that Hank is such a sweet-natured baby!
  • Eventually, got everyone cleaned, dressed and in the car for t-ball. Found cleats--in Kyle's car.
We all are ok. I cleaned a lot of bodily fluid today.

Thank goodness for a fun lunch, a great husband and the finale of Project Runway.

Good night!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Words from Kids

A conversation with my Bo.

Me: Did you have fun with Shephard today?

Bo: Yes! (pause)
What Shep's Mommy name? I forgot her name.

Me: Her name is Mrs. Jenkins.

Bo: Oh.

Me: (oh great. . .) What did you call her Bo?

Bo: I called her 'Hey!' . . . . like "Hey, can I have a snack?"

Wow. Wow.

Sorry Jen. I can't explain that.

But he sure is cute?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some Pics

Rob took some pictures of all the kids on Easter. Here are some of highlights of our fam! Thanks Rob!

Always quick to smile (especially with uncle robbie)!

Love the toothless grin on our big girl!

Seriously, this face will get him out of all sorts of trouble!

Slobbery, squishy love-able-ness!

Love them all! But I am a little biased.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quirk #2--I Got a Little Change in my Pocket

Just a reminder: A couple of posts ago I explained my Quirk #1--Extreme Body Dysmorphia.

I thought I would talk about another weird part of me. Once again, I don't really think I am weird or that this is a real quirk. But since my husband and my best friend disagree, I think I might not have the best perspective.

But I'm not changing.

It is all about how I handle money. Not all of our money. Just what I call Fun Money or extra money. Like Birthday money. Christmas money. Money from doing weddings. Money from my modeling.

I do NOT just get a check or cash and deposit it into our account. I like to cash it and place the cash in a designated envelope. If that extra money goes into our account, it is gone. Forever. It's like we never had it.

Let me explain why. I might get a little money for my birthday in August. And I think I might want to buy a cute pair of shoes. But in August I don't want to buy another pair of flip flops. I am done with flip flops. I might want a pair of fall shoes--animal print flats or even a pair of boots. But it is still over 100 degrees outside. Buy boots? At that time? No. I need to wait a month or two. Maybe I am giving too much detail at this time. (possible quirk #3).

So if I put that money in my account, come October it's not there. We've spent it on soccer uniforms, school clothes, etc. When I use our debit card, I feel like I am using our budget money for fun things--bonus things.

BUT if I cash the check, place it in envelope that is labeled shoes and stow it away, then I feel totally ok about buying those shoes in October or November.

This all makes perfect sense to me.

At any given time, I have an envelope labeled wedding/hair. I use the money from my weddings to buy my supplies. New curling irons, bobby pins, hair products, new makeup, more bobby pins. And sometimes I use it for my own hair cuts. Or for something I might want. A new fun top. (all girls know what I mean by saying "a fun top")

I also have an envelope labeled jeans. This is kind of a joke now. I want a pair of nice, designer jeans. I can't really justify spending that much money. But if I save a little here an there, then it doesn't seem like such a large purchase. But the problem is that I can't seem to pull the trigger. Gaining and losing weight back and forth for a few years doesn't help the situation. I never know what size to get. Anyway, I still have that envelope. Every once in a while I take about $30 out to get a cheap pair of jeans. Then I replenish it. Maybe one day I will go buy that nice pair of jeans.

See how when I explain it, it sounds perfectly normal?

I like my envelope system. It works for me.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our Family Picture!

I realized about a week ago that we don't have any pictures of our whole family! We finally got a good one today. And when I say good, I mean we are all awake and looking in the direction somewhere near the photographer (Rob) and we aren't crying.

My standards get lower and lower with each child.

But here it is!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Blog MD

I think I could fill several days worth posts about my quirks.

Is that how you spell quirks?

But to be honest, I think I am completely normal. But there are some things that other people might consider quirks.

I have a condition called body dysmorphia. Self-diagnosed of course. (and it may not be a real condition but that is another issue)

Here is my definition:

Body Dysmorphia--the condition in which a person thinks their body is smaller than it actually is.

I totally have this.

You might be wondering, "How does one know they have this condition?" Or you might be wondering what other blog you could go read right now.

Here is an example.

I think I should be able to fit into all sorts of clothes that I actually can't fit into. And I don't mean that this condition is just temporary because I am still trying to lose baby weight. Even though it is particularly strong after having a baby. I feel so skinny after giving birth! Especially after my almost 10 pound baby! But shockingly, I don't just gain weight in my tummy! I couldn't get some pants past my knees. That's why I stuck with a lot of Lycra this winter.

You know the BMI? (Body Mass Index--I think). It tells me I should weigh about 15-20 pounds less than my own personal goal weight. And I think I am SKINNY at my own personal goal weight. I am supposed to weigh about the same as Jillian (Jillian Michaels of course). Whatev.

I could see a person my height and weight and I am convinced that I look healthier than they look. Not in a mean or comparative way. Just in a slightly delusional way.

I just saw a celebrity in a magazine--actually, Marcia Brady. It showed her before and after pictures. I have weighed both the before and the after. I really, really don't think I look like that. I look better.

It is a little strange that most women struggle with thoughts that they are somehow bigger than they are. And I think I am smaller than I am.

I just see it that I am a glass is half full kind of person.

Wishing it was half-full of a Frosty.

But I am dairy free right now. I will go get a nice cold glass of water.