Thursday, June 16, 2011

Birthday Fun!

This past weekend was jam packed with birthday and family fun! June 6th is Lainey's birthday and June 12th is Kyle's birthday. The last several years we have scheduled Lainey's party on Kyle's birthday. So that means a whole lot a nottin' for Kyle's birthday.

Our baby cousin Maddox was in town too! She is 10 months old and just precious. She got lots of hugs and kisses! She lives far away and so we treasure any time we can get with her!

Lainey had a roller skating party! It was fun (and easy)!

Sherry threw a last minute surprise party for Kyle at our house. She made one of her famous cakes! Thanks Sherry for helping celebrate Kyle. He was surprised!

Here are a few pics of Maddox. You just want to squeeze those cheeks!

All the Richardson grandchildren.

And one of Hank.


LindaD said...

Fun fun! Love watching your kids grow up (even from far away!)

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